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I recently started looking into birthing classes and wanted more than what was offered at my hospital.  I came across a hynobirthing website and was intrigued.  Has anyone tried it?  How did it work?  Were the classes informative about L&D in general (I'm a FTM) or do I need to supplement with the hospital classes?  

Also, I watched a couple of the videos... Made me twice think about the method.  Might be a little too new age for me and DH.  I practice yoga and appreciate alternative therapies but when things get too out there with the touchy/feely stuff it's just NMS.  What was your overall impression?

Also, I will be giving birth in a hospital but want to go as natural as possible depending on the circumstances.   Looks like many hypnobirths are at birthing centers or water births.  Any experience with using it in a hospital setting? 

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Re: Hypnobirthing

  • I did Hypnobirthing and had a wonderful med-free birth in the hospital.  For me Hypnobirthing worked quite well, I always felt in control and the surges were manageable.  I think if you took the Hypnobirthing class and then just went for a tour of your hospital that would be enough.  My Hypnobirthing teacher called hospital classes "Teaching you to be a good patient class" While I'm sure there are some wonderful hospital classes I have a feeling they are more geared toward the mainstream which would be medicated births.

    Honestly I kind of started out skeptical and my DH and I sort of made fun of some of the information at first.  But later I made up my mind that if I was going to do this I was going to dive into it full force and that meant taking the message seriously.  I guess only you can figure out for yourself whether Hypnobirthing is right for you. You might see if you can check the book out from the library and read a little more about it that might give you more information.  

    As I said I had a hospital birth and always intended for it to be that way.  As many girls on here will tell you one of the best ways to have a med-free hospital birth is to labor at home as long as possible.  You will be more comfortable and the fewer hours you spend in the hospital means the less time they have to try to push interventions.  I also found it effective to write up a birth plan.  This way my DH, my CNMs, and the rest of the staff knew what I wanted.  

    There is a girl on here who is a Hypnobirthing instructor.  She is a wealth of information and will certainly be able to give you a clearer idea of what Hypnobirthing is all about.  If you have any interest in reading my birth story feel free to PM me and I can send it to you.  Best of luck in your decision!   

  • I also gave birth in a hospital....I was never in a hypnotic subdued state...however it definitely taught me to be relaxed and listen to my body....do the breathing and trust my body and baby to do what nature intended.  It was an amazing experience I definitely recommend you looking into it.  Keep an open mind....always go in prepared for whatever may come (not to be disappointed if you cannot tolerate the pain, not trying to give you an easy way out, also if heaven forbid you need a c/s).  The important thing is for a healthy baby and mommy.
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  • i'm not sure what videos you watched, but what about them made you feel that HB might be "too out there?" and what did you think was touchy/feely about the method? 

    i am a HypnoBirthing practitioner and the only time a HB mom is touched in labor as part of the method is by her birth companion. usually (but not always) that person is the baby's father and there's already been some touching going on anyway!! in the event that you aren't comfortable being touched by him or anyone else, it is not a crucial technique and you are fine to skip it. the touching that is part of the technique is called light touch massage and it is essentially stimulating the nerve endings in the back, shoulders and sides to release endorphins. that's all!

    there are some statistics on www.HypnoBirthing.com. despite what you might see here or on youtube, the vast majority of HB moms birth in a hospital. fewer than 16% birth outside a hospital. you probably see many more videos of home or birth center births because most hospitals in the US no longer permit video taping of births. you can video the labor, but not the birth.

    the class is broken into five series: with class 1 focusing on dispelling myths about birthing, classes 2 and 3 focusing on the four techniques, classes 4 and 5 focusing on the physiological changes and processes of childbirth. it is not the most comprehensive class, but it teaches you enough of what you need to know. 

    HypnoBirthing works by first removing the fear most of us have deep within. fears we may not even be aware of until we are in labor that are rooted in social stigmas, hollywood images of labor/birth, and stories told to us by our friends and families. moms learn four techniques: breathing (three different breathing methods), visualizations (many, for different purposes), relaxation (several to choose from) and deepening (to deepen your relaxation level). with practice, mom can use all four together during her labor to have a more comfortable, peaceful and enjoyable labor. 

    i had such a wonderful experience wtih my second birth, a vbac, that i became a hypnobirthing instructor to share it with other women! 

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