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Neuropsych testing today. Official diagnosis of ADHD

DD had her neuropsych testing done today and the neuropsychologist diagnosed her with ADHD, which didn't come as a surprise. Since she is so young, we are going to try and work on getting her to self regulate with OT before we medicate since her main issues are hyperactivity, distractibility and inattentiveness. We are going to work on a sensory diet with her OT and hope that helps. We will see how that goes and how she functions in school before we move onto the next step. He said the good news is that she has excellent language skills and since she is a girl she will be more concerned and aware of socially acceptable behavior and will try to fit into that mold so that should hopefully play in our favor. I am just happy to have a diagnosis so now we can move on to the next step of helping her to be successful. Any others here dealing with ADHD or SPD? Any tips for us as we begin our journey in treating this?
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Re: Neuropsych testing today. Official diagnosis of ADHD

  • OT has been a huge benefit for us. The sensory diet really has helped at home. Even more so than OT, dietary changes have had, without a doubt, the biggest changes and positive effects. My DD heavily reacts to phenols. Once we cleaned up her diet and treated phenols with enzymes, our world changed dramatically. She's now so much more comfortable in her own skin.
  • Hi!

    I occasionally lurk on this board because I have ADHD and I want to get an idea of what's in store should DS get an ADHD DX. As he's not diagnosed feel free to run me off the board for intruding, but I really don't mean to overstep or seem rude.

    Anyhoo, as I said I have ADHD but wasn't DX'd until college. I am(was) qualitatively gifted but have significant deficits in my quantitative reasoning and mechanical skills. All throughout school I had behavior issues related to my hyperactivity and distractibility - concern over me "staring out the window" in elementary school, tests unfinished in junior high because I was busy reading a novel, being sent to the principal's office because a teacher thought I was on drugs. Hindsight shows that I would have received a DX earlier had I not been born in the early 70's and been a girl, but whatever. 

    I'm not familiar with any of the dietary recommendations since that was all after my time, but I do recommend keeping an open dialogue with your DD's teachers and to support studying by offering it in small increments. 15 minutes of studying with a 5 minute jump-roping break or something. I remember my mom forcing me to stay put until I finished my homework and it feeling physically painful. 

    Anyway, good luck and PM me if you have any questions :)

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  • Thanks for the great advice/feedback. At this point, I have an insatiable appetite for all things ADHD and SPD, so I appreciate any information that is out there!
    Child #1: 6 yo DD Child #2: 2yo DD
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