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Raleigh restaurant rec?

DH and I are going to Goodnights Comedy Club on Friday night.  We'd like to try out a new restaurant beforehand.  Any recommendations nearby or North Raleigh (so it's on the way there from our house)?  TIA
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Re: Raleigh restaurant rec?

  • Have you ever been to Humble Pie? It's a tapas restaurant that I really like. If it's warm, they have a nice patio. It's just around the corner from The Pit.

    PieBird might also be nice. They have savory and dessert pies. It's a block from Krispy Kreme.

    If you haven't been to 18 Seaboard, that's also really yummy.

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  • All of uncjules' suggestions are great!  The only one I would add would be Bu-ku.  Love that place.
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  • We went to J. Betski's a couple of months ago and it was surprisingly good. It's German food, and I wasn't sure I'd like it--but I loved it! It's right beside 18 Seaboard (which I agree is delish also!).

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  • Mura in North Hills if you like sushi.

    Sitti downtown, its Lebanese and delicious.

    I don't know how recently others have been to 18 Seasboard but I've been in the last couple weeks and it wasn't as good as it has been in the past. 

  • We've been dying to try Bu Ku, I heard it is really good. We are having a date night on Saturday and going to the new Tribeca Tavern on Falls, I heard it is really good.



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  • I always like Irregardless Cafe.  It's pretty  much next door to Goodnights.
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  • Irregardless Cafe is great.  We go there quite often for celebrations (new years, anniversaries, valentines day, birthdays, etc). 
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    Irregardless Cafe is great.  We go there quite often for celebrations (new years, anniversaries, valentines day, birthdays, etc). 

    I have never eaten in the restaurant but my old work would get catering from there monthly and it was always very good. 




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  • Back before DD arrived, DH & I were serious foodies. Here are some of our faves.

    Downtown: Sono (sushi), Oxford (High end Pub), Mint (Fine Dining), Irregardless (seasonal/good vegetarian options), Vic's (Italian), Pit (BBQ), Humble Pie (Tapas), Sullivans (Steak House), 18 Seaboard (seasonal), Jibarra (Mexican fusion), Dos Taquitoes (Traditional Mexican), Sitti (Lebanese); 518 West (Italian); Zely & Ritz (seasonal); Five Star (Chinese); Solas (Fine Dining); Market (seasonal; also has the added bonus of being beside Escazu for dessert!)

    I don't have much experience with North Raleigh restaurants; but DH & I loved Croquette (French).

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