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What wrap do you recommend?

The first time around I did not wear DD, but pretty much held her all of the time.  To this day she still loves to be held and cuddled which is pretty much the best thing ever and i would like to try and have that same level of attachment to a second, if we are so blessed.  I think the next best thing to holding myself will be a wrap-can you recommend one that is good from newborn through the infant stage?  I will continue to be a working mom so will really utilize the wrap on weekends and therefore would love to invest in one that can be multi-functional.


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Re: What wrap do you recommend?

  • We have the Moby Wrap and my DH and I both love it.
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  • There are so many out there that work well, I've found the best advice is to find one in a colour that you love.

    NCbelle has a good "list" in her Becoming Mamas blog/siggy. 


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  • I think you should find one that you think is pretty (or whatever "I like this" adjective you'd prefer).  You could browse to get started.  She has a nice selection. 


    ETA:  I forgot that Giselle merged her "wraps only" website with her "other carriers and baby products" website.  Here ya go:

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  • imageMandJS:

    We have the Moby Wrap and my DH and I both love it.

    If you want something fairly versatile, I would not recommend the moby or any other stretchy wrap. You'll be better off with a woven. 1) They are more comfortable/supportive as LO gets bigger, and 2) you can do back carries with them. 

    Would agree. I bought the Moby because I was a newbie and wanted to wrap my baby. I never used it once I bought my first woven. LO also got very hot in it. (During the summer months)
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