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XP from the Nest: Moving to Cary

Hello Ladies. I posted this on The Nest NC board, but I think this board gets more traffic, which is why I posted here as well. I apologize if in advance if I've crossed a line, but I could really use some help, since my husband and I don't  know anyone in the triangle area.

My husband and I are likely moving to Cary for his job by the end of the year. We'll be moving from CT. I've been looking at several complexes online and would appreciate any recommendations you could offer. All of the "ratings" I see online seem to very one sided, so I'm having a hard time trying to be objective. We will likely have a short trip down to find housing so we'll want to maximize our trip.

I know that living in a complex will be a much different atmosphere than where we live now, but I'd really like to move somewhere that will be quiet and have more families/ young professionals. We've lived in complexes before, so I know that depending on the construction, some buildings are quieter than others. We are only looking for a one bedroom, and don't have any kids or pets. I'd like to stay away from the college population. We're pretty mellow people. 

Here are the complexes we're considering:

The Villas at Centerview

Legacy Crossroads

The Ashborough

Stratford Apartments

The Lodge at Crossroads

The Windsor at Tyron Village

We're looking to stay in the Crossroads area because it would be close to my husband's work as well as other shopping, so we could save on gas. I sincerely appreciate any advice and help you could offer. Thanks in advance!
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Re: XP from the Nest: Moving to Cary

  • We lived at the Lodge at Crossroads about 7-8 years ago. We only lived there for a short time because we were planning on buying a house after about 6 months.

    We really liked our apartment at the Lodge. We had a 1 bedroom, and it had a little computer nook area where we both had our computers set-up. It seemed like having a dedicated area for the computers gave us a lot of extra room. It felt pretty spacious for 1 bedroom, though of course the kitchen was small.

    We LOVED being so close to everything at Crossroads. It can definitely be hard on the budget to have all those restaurants and stores nearby. ;)

    We didn't have any problems there as far as I can remember. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I can do my best.

  • I almost signed a lease at the Lodge at Crossroads in 2003, but ended up buying a townhouse instead. They were pretty much brand new then, but at the time, I was very impressed and thought they were super nice. They've expanded since then and added a second pool/clubhouse, etc. As ECU said, obviously it's very close to the shopping at Crossroads, and is in a good area in general.

    Of course I didn't actually live there, so take my review for what it's worth :-). I'm not familiar with the other ones, unfortunately. If you want to avoid the college crowd, I'd just avoid anything in the Gorman St, Avent Ferry Rd, and further down Tryon Rd (towards Raleigh areas).

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