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Kaylin Shae is finally here!

  So my title is "Finally here", but she has been here. Haha! Mommy is just now finding time to write about & sad enough it's because I'm back to work. I'll start at the beginning of it all & hope someone finds some humor in it like we did!

     Sunday, September 18th, 2011.
I wasn't feeling all that great. I had been grouchy [thought it was my normal, "Hey, I'm pregnant & grouchy!"] and achy all day! We went to bed and I wasn't sleeping well at all. I woke up at some point that night with a horrible cramp. It went away & I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.

     Monday, September 19th, 2011.
I woke up and my stomach was hurting. I started timing my contractions and ALL DAY long they were seven minutes apart. NEVER any less. We went out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend at Applebees. I figured I better get a full stomach then because I knew it wouldn't be long before the baby was here. At Applebees [still have contractions seven minutes apart & stronger] our waitress was a complete idiot. When we got our food everyone had the wrong stuff. [ex. I had my husbands steak & my sister had my sides] We decided that it was alright, we would just switch everything on our own. My husband and I both ordered salad as a side... We didn't receive our salads until AFTER our meal & she didn't bring me any dressing. She was horrible at keeping up with refills also. Anyway, we finally got all of our food swapped around like it needed to be and I cut into my steak. It was completely RAW. Not even before I was pregnant would I have ate it. I like my food WELL DONE. So, all the while having my contractions and having a horrible waitress, my mood was quickly becoming worse and worse and contractions staying at seven minutes apart & becoming stronger. After THREE hours in Applebees we finally get to leave. At this time it is now 8pm. My Mom lived close by so my husband thought it best we go see her for a while & see what happens with my contractions. Mom lives 2 minutes from hospital & we live 30 minutes from it. We stayed there until 11p-12a and decided nothing was happening. Still seven minutes apart.

     Tuesday, September 20th, 2011.
We went home & crawled in bed. My contractions started getting harder. At 2a [still kept trach of times all day & night] I had a really good contraction. It took my breath and brought tears to my eyes. Hubby was asleep & I was nice enough to let him sleep through all of this. At 3a, I took a REALLY SHARP contraction, grabbed his hand, and squeezed like no other! It woke him up. =p He asked how far apart they were and I had to look at my phone because I had no idea. [Thank you iPhone for having a notepad so I could keep track!] I counted it all up and low & behold they were every 5 minutes. Hubby told me to get my butt out of bed & that we were going to the hospital. I tried my hardest to talk him out of it as I had all day, but this time he wouldn't let me. We got ready, grabbed everything, and was at the hospital at 415am. I was checked & dilated to 4cm! They checked me again at 5am and I was 5cm. They asked if I wanted the epidual and I told them I didn't know yet. The nurse told me that I would need a lot of fluids if I was going to and to let them know. From 5am to 7am I done nothing but eat ice & walk the hospital halls with the hubby. At 6am I told them that they were getting pretty strong [stopping me in my tracks] and that I would like to go ahead and get the fluid incase I wanted it. At 7am I asked for the epidural. They called the doctors three different times before I actually got it at Noon when I had alread dilated to 8cm on my own! From 9am to Noon I was in so much pain that my husband literally had to tell me to breathe! I got the epidual and was good to go! At 1400 they checked me and I was at nine cm. The nurse [someone I know outside of the hospital and absolutely love] looked at me and said, "Well, you're at nine, but I'm about to change that!" She then stretched me to the full 10cm and had me start practice pushing. I pushed and pushed, the baby rolled on her cord so they put me on my side & gave me O2, pushed and pushed some more, they called for the doctor ... He was next door at his office! I thought I was going to kill him. I might have if my legs would have worked. I then had to hold Kaylin Shae in until he got there. He came in, I pushed once or twice and her head was out. Then came the rest of the tiny body & she was here at 1508! Daddy clamped the cord, cut the cord, and then took her over to the nurses & helped them clean her up. He then brought her back to me! She weighed in at 5lbs 11oz and 18.5in. She had a head full of hair and was completely healthy. She was jaundiced and had to have lab work everyday until her very last one on Saturday, September 24th, 2011. Her levels got high, but never high enough to be taken back to the hospital after we were released on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011.

    Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Our baby girl is five weeks old today! She is healthy & growing so fast! She has completely stolen Mommy & Daddys hearts! We could not have asked for a more perfect baby. She only cries when she is getting her hair washed in the bath & to wake me up when she's hungry at night. She had a doctors appointment last Monday and weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 21in long! She is definitely a healthy, growing baby! She has beautiful blue eyes & still a head full of hair. She has Mommys nose & eyes and Daddys eyelashes & mouth. She is a wonderful combination of the both of us! I have never in my life loved someone so much until the day she was born!


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! If I left anything out you can ask & I will tell. I am not a shy person, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. =]]

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