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Something totally random happened last night.  I made yakisoba with onions, carrots, cabbage and shrimp for dinner last night; we all ate it, including DS.  DS ate a ton of noodles and veggies and a tiny bit of the shrimp.  He's had all of the veggies and shrimp before--for at least a year, but I've never given him yakisoba noddles before.

After dinner, I ran a bath for DS and undressed him.  He already had a tiny bit of diaper rash from eating a bunch of spicy food over the weekend.  Well he had another huge squishy poop.  So I cleaned him up with our usual brand of wipes and carted him off to the tub.  He played and then I washed him with our usual brand of baby wash.

When I brought him back to his room to put him in a diaper and PJs, I noticed a bunch of welts on his hiney where the poop/wipes had been.  Big raised white patches with red rims.  I assume it was hives.  Anyway, he never acted itchy or grumpy and the hives went away about an hour later.

So what's the culprit? Shrimp? New noodles?  Acid runny poop?  Baby wash?  Some other irritant that he ate at daycare?


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