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Cloth pads? Slightly gross, TMI...

I wanted to know if any of you second-timers used cloth menstrual pads once your bleeding went from zomg postpartum to plain old heavy.  I quit disposables for a DivaCup before pg and I'd like to not have to return to them.  If so, got any brand recs?
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Re: Cloth pads? Slightly gross, TMI...

  • They do make a diva cup for after you've had children (I guess it's shaped differently than the normal diva cup).  I don't know when you can start using it, I would assume not until your 6 week check up? 

    As far as cloth pads, I would check the EFF board or possibly the CDing board. 


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  • You'll want to go to the other size of Diva Cup but I'm looking into "mama cloth" for myself as well since your not really supposed to be sticking much of anything up there for 6-8 weeks postpartum and almost any kind of heavy duty disposable pads give me all sorts of fun irritations and infections. Panty liners? no problem. Tampons? No problem. Maxi pads? I get dermatitis (sp?) and YIs and other fun rashes and itchies.

    Sorry for the TMI response :)

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  • How do you like your DivaCup?  I was thinking about getting one but then decided to wait until after I had a child since I was planning on getting pg when I first saw them and didn't see the point in getting one only to have to get a second one after I had a baby.

    Perhaps asking on might help.  It was recommended when I was looking at menstural cup websites as a great place to go for info.  The ladies there may be able to recommend a good brand.

    I never even knew about cloth menstural pads/cups until I started looking into cloth diapering. 

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  • I have no experience with cloth pads but it is SO NICE to meet another Diva Cup user! I love love love mine and I will never go back. To the PP who was considering, trust me, you will love it. I have been a firm believer in mine for 5.5 years and it has changed my life.

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  • I <3 my DivaCup, and I'm looking forward to getting that "all-clear" so I can get the post-birth size.  Of course I've never been squeamish about what comes from my body so the rinsing and reusing wasn't an issue for me at all.  The no-more-wasteful tampons thing just made me want to pat myself on the back every day of my periods.

    I just don't want to use those disposable diaper pads for lochia.  Of course everywhere I look into cloth menstrual pads there are mixed reviews.  They work great, they don't work at all, they work fine except at night, etc.

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  • Thanks ladies!  I never had thought about the waste of tampons or pads until I stumbled upon a website for the DivaCup.  I've known for years that I want to CD (less money, better for baby, no diapers in a landfill, etc) and it's making more and more sense to me to switch to a cup or reusable pads. 

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  • ***lurking from Feb :)***

    I use mama cloth and am in the process of ordering some PP pads for after the super heavy bleeding.  I use Wee Essentials liners now and love them!  After having DS I couldn't use disposable products anymore, they all irritated me.  Luckily, due to BFing and Mirena I only had a couple periods and some random spotting until we decided to TTC again. 

    Wee Essentials makes a PP pad but they are pricey.  Her Etsy shop has free shipping right now with the code CHILLY. 

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