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Anyone get pregnant right before DH leaving?

I just found out I am pregnant with baby #4! It was a HUGE surprise! Our youngest is 4 (will be 5 when baby is born). I was high risk with her because at the end I developed pre-eclampsia and I will be high risk with this pregnancy due to CML (chronic myeloid leukemia which is in remission). My husband is Air Force and leaves for Korea in December for a year! When he gets home our follow on is Germany. Does anyone know if the pregnancy/baby will affect us moving in January of 2013 overseas? The baby will be 6 months by then. I know women have to have babies without their SO all the time, this is a first for us. Any recommendations or advice?

Re: Anyone get pregnant right before DH leaving?

  • First, congrats!


    Secondly as long as none of you (including the baby) are EFMP it won't have any affect on PCSing!  

    I met my husband while we were stationed in Germany, some of the best times of my life are in that country!  I'm jealous you're going!! I miss it so!! 

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  • I got pregnant last year and right at the end of first trimester DH pcs'd to S. Korea (dh is also AF). He was able to take a midtour when ds was due- can your dh take a midtour?It is funny, op, because your dh is leaving for s. Korea in December and mine is coming home (not 'haha' funny, just interesting).
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  • Yes he can! In June and my due date is July 2nd! I am hoping the timing will be right! Our youngest was 7 weeks early. I am hoping we do not have a repeat of that, but all of my children were at least a week early. His mid tour should start around the second week of June. Hopefully he is here in time! That is funny yours is coming home and mine is just leaving at the same time! I am counting down to January 2013! 
  • Good to hear that your DH can come home :)  Counting down the days to his mid tour, and counting them down to him coming home has really made the time fly!  

    Good luck :) 

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