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have you worn 5 week old in baby bjorn?

i use the moby around home, but wanted something quick and easy for outside the house. i have a bjorn from DD1 and would like to use it. The Baby Bjorn website states it works for 8+ lbs, but I kinda feel like DD2 is a little too small (she's over 8lbs). Just curious if anyone has actually used the Bjorn for a newborn. Even when she's facing inward, I feel like her had isn't very stable.


Re: have you worn 5 week old in baby bjorn?

  • I have. She was fine, snuggled in there. She used to sleep a lot in there as a newborn before the Ergo really held her (even with a blanket, it was too big for her until she was 2-3 months old)
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  • I did from 3 weeks on and she did great!
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  • Yes, I did. As long as it was adjusted tightly, her head was stable.

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  • I wouldn't recommend using a bjorn (or any of those carriers that let you use them both front and forward facing) at all. The way their legs dangle unsupported like that is really bad for their hip development and circulation. If you need something quicker than a wrap I'd suggest a ring sling or getting an ERGO or Beco or a carrier like that that has the option of using an infant insert.
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