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Halloween Party Fruit?

DS has his first school party this week for Halloween. We're signed up to bring fruit but I'm a little unsure what I should bring so I thought I'd ask some of you more experienced moms for suggestions. Do you think a bowl of fruit salad would be good or stick to fruit the kids can easily eat with their hands (like grapes and bananas)? Any suggestions on how to make it more Halloween themed too? DS's class is mostly 2 year olds and a few almost/newly turned 3 year olds and it's about 16 of them.

Re: Halloween Party Fruit?

  • I would skip grapes unless you are cutting into quarters due to the choking hazard.  Bananas are great as are strawberries.  I wouldn't combine in a fruit salad just in case you have picky eaters or those with allergies to one of the combo.  Orange slices or mandarin oranges are good too and kind of festive for Halloween.  I wouldn't worry though about being too thematic with the fruit.  Just make sure it is small tot friendly and you'll be fine.

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  • Someone posted some oranges with jack-o-latern faces drawn on.  They were too cute!

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  • Our class H'ween party is ALL raw veggies & fruit. 

    Someone posted these, which I think are adorable. I tried making a single one earlier this week and it was very easy and looked great!

    My DH also thought it would be fun to take a mini-watermelon and scoop it out like a pumpkin, carve a witch's face, add Easter grass for hair, and re-fill it with melon pieces and other fruit.

    I haven't decided which one I'm going to do! 


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  • I love those jack-o-lanterns made from oranges but the thought of making 16 of them might be more than I have time for. At least now I have some ideas and don't feel so clueless. Thanks!
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