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if you have a girl...

zulily has the most adorable hats on sale today. I am thinking of getting this one:

They also have Eric Carle books on sale at good prices, but they are hardcovers not boardbooks so I am sure they will hold up. 

Re: if you have a girl...

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    Babysteals has some cute hats today, too, especially the girls ones. 

    TTCAL Siggy Challenge: "He's my favorite.  His birthday is the same as mine almost"

    image image

    Missing my little one lost at 9 weeks on 2.24.13. brokenhearted but not broken... 

    d&c 5/21/13... Still Healing, Still Standing... 

    MMC discovered 10/2/2013, TWINS... d&c 10/7/2013.  I still miss you, little ones. 

    Surgery December 2013 to remove a 10+cm fibroid... Open myomectomy. Benched for 3-9 months... 
    Will TTC summer Summer 2014 we hope!

    Dear God, Since I couldn't hold my little one in my lap and tell him about you, could you hold him in your lap and tell him about me? 

    PgAL and PAL always welcome...
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