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Newliwed, newbie, and scared!

Hey everyone... I'm  not usually a big poster in forums, but I don't have anyone else to talk to about what I'm going through. We've been married for almost a month now, and our wedding night was the only time we haven't used bc. My last cycle was 09/13-09/19 and it's no where to be seen since! I'm constantly tired, nauseous, and have been getting frequent headaches. I never get headaches! I would LOVE to be pregnant, but it's not really in the finances right now and this freaks my DH and me out! Should I wait another week or so to see if AF comes? Or should I take a test now to be sure? We have Halloween parties coming up and I really think I would have more fun drinking knowing that I'm not pregnant, rather than hoping. I want to find out, but at the same time I want my DH to be there when I do.... Any advise would help, otherwise venting itself just helped. Thanks!

Re: Newliwed, newbie, and scared!

  • To follow up with this (already, I know) I gave in and did a test.. It looks positive, but I'm not sure! I want to take another right away but I'm thinking I should probably wait a couple days at least? Also, how in the heck am I going to tell DH?!
  • A line is a line.  You can test again with a digital with FMU (first morning urine).  YH was there and part of the decision not to us BC.  That being said, remind him that it was an "our decision" not a "me decision" that got you this baby.  Funny enough, your financial stability or desire don't effect your ability to actually get pg or have a baby.  We tried for a very long time, seeing that line was still intimidating.  Talk to YH about it, you are not in this alone, you are now a team.  GL!

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  • i had a similar issue- i wanted to have a drink for the 4th of july and thought well let me just make sure im not pregnant first, and low and behold there was a faint line. i didnt feel any symptoms or anything. although i had gotten off birth control, i thought it would take a few months and the timing wasnt so awesome for us financially either but thats okay, things will work out, and like the previous poster, a line is a line. but dont panic, congrats! even though i knew it was possible i still flipped out when i saw that faint line, lol. just a natural reaction :) keep us posted! 

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  • I tested again this morning and got the same results... Told DH last night on the way to watch a football game with friends and although we acted like nothing happened while we were there, we pretty much didn't talk about it until this afternoon. Neither of us slept last night because we were thinking about everything! I was nauseous all day yesterday, it got worse last night, and it's pretty bad today. He did tell me he's happy because we do want a family, just mad that it happened way sooner than we thought. Would going to the doctor this week be too soon? We want to find out from a professional that it is for sure before we tell anyone!
  • I booked a doctor appt as soon as I saw the positive line on my test. I wanted a professional confirmation as soon as possible to make sure our celebration was valid :)

    It's good too because the sooner you go, the sooner they can make sure you are doing everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Congrats!

    Call your doctor, but don't be surprised if they don't want you in until around 8 weeks. They typically trust your HPT as a positive pregnancy test, and there's not much they can do for you before 8-12 weeks.


  • image Dr.Loretta:


    Call your doctor, but don't be surprised if they don't want you in until around 8 weeks. They typically trust your HPT as a positive pregnancy test, and there's not much they can do for you before 8-12 weeks.


    Dr.L is wise.   8+ weeks is usually when you have your first appt.   GL.

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  • I went in and had them do a test to triple check, and I'm 6 weeks! SO EXCITED! But DH is about having a heart attack every time he thinks about it.. It's kinda cute :) I can't blame him, since we're looking for a house to buy, now we have to get a 4-door car (I drive a cougar, he drives a monte carlo), and we both want jobs with better schedule and pay! I'm pretty nervous applying for jobs while pregnant- worried that I won't be able to concentrate to learn the job, and worried that they'll feel tricked into hiring me when they do find out.
  • Haha do you know what it's like to be sober at your own bachelorette party?! I found out the morning OF my bachelorette party that I was pregnant!  Part of me was tempted to pretend I didn't know and enjoy one last night of fun -- after all, I'm only four weeks along, most women don't find out that early anyway!  But then I wondered what kind of mother I'd be if my first maternal decision regarding the health of my baby favored my own fun and convenience. 

    As for your hubby..... give him time.  This is a real shocker and he needs the space to process.  Even though my FI and I weren't using BC and were kinda trying, he was still taken aback when I showed him the tests and got the blood tests back from the doctor.  That's normal for a guy.  Just reassure him that he's going to be a good husband, you love him, and have confidence in him.  He'll adjust to it!  Perhaps he has some guy friends his age with kids he can talk to for support?
  • Congrats and good luck!
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