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What was the must have in your hospital bag? What did you bring that you didn't use? What did you NOT bring that you wish you would have?

Re: Hospital Bag

  • The hospital provided everything for baby, diapers wipes, pacifier, etc.  I had a solid outfit for his pictures and a cute printed receiving blanket for the background. 

    For myself I needed my mp3 player, toiletries, nursing gown, nursing pads, flip flops.  I packed sweat pants and t-shirts but wound up with a c-section and had to send DH for a maternity dress (I could not stand to have anything touching my incision).  I had planned to wear my tennis shoes but my feet were swollen so he also had to get my flip flops.  The gown was a must for when I had to get up and walk around.     

  • Honestly... I didn't use ANYTHING I brought except my toothbrush, but the hospital actually provided that too.

    They literally had everything, and I was so exhausted, DH and I just slept the 3 days we were there. Minus the time when LO would wake for feeding. So I didn't even use anything I had brought but my phone. I even stayed in the hospital gown until I actually dressed to leave.

    OH, SOCKS with that non slip stuff on the bottom. That is what I am glad I brought.

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  • Things I used the most:



    Breastfeeding Gown

    The hospital does provide pretty much everything you need, just think of things you would really want if you were sick in bed all day. I love watching movies so DH brought a laptop and some DVD's. It really helped pass the time. Just don't go overboard because you're only going to be there a couple of days and a lot of that time will be spent sleeping.

  • The charger for my cell phone and MP3 player were very helpful.  I also brought my own pillow because mine is pretty comfortable.
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  • A cute hat for baby will make for really good pics and hospitals are pretty chilly! 

    Must have: my phone...for social networking updates and I got to listen to my own music. 

    I thought just a go home outfit wasn't enough so I brought a few outfits for myself but I realized you just use the hospital gown the whole time. So those other cloths got in the way.  However, make sure your partner brings something warm to wear. 


  • We ended up in the hospital for almost a week, while my DD was in the NICU. 

    Things I used in the first 48 hours: Camera, phone, computer, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, brush, robe, breastfeeding pillow, snacks, change for the vending machine, chapstick, flip flops, baby's first outfit for pictures, ponytail holders, husband needed his stuff as well.

    I was thankful I brought my own towels.  The ones at the hospital were so scratchy and small.  I was also glad we packed snacks, I was starving after delivery and the hospital cafeteria stopped serving.  Flip flops were great for walking the halls, I just tossed them in the trash before I left.  I liked having my own pillow as well.

    Good luck!

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