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Very glad I listened to my mom!

My mom was spending the night at my house frequently so she could be there when I went into labor.  I was 4 days overdue, and I went into labor at 3:24 am on Sunday morning before Labor day.  I called and got the answering service,  so the on-call doctor called back, we waited to see if the contractions were regular, and I called again.  This happened like 3 times from 3:24 to 6 am.  At 6am, the on-call doctor tried her hardest to get me to stay at home for a few more hours.  She said I might have to walk around the floor to speed up the labor if I got there too early, and I might not have a bed/room, etc.  She said I might have to go home...WTF?  I was 4 days overdue, and my doctor (who is her superior) wanted to induce 3 days prior.  My mom was like yelling in the background, "hang up, Wendy, we're going  I don't care what she says"  Well, in the car the contractions were much closer and harder.  By the time we got there, I only had like 3-4 minutes in between contractions.  They put me right into a room, and within 40 minutes I had my epidural, and a few hours later Walter was born.  There was one scary episode where his head was crushing the umbilical cord against the walls of the birth canal, and his heartrate went from super fast (normal) to sooo slow.  I was so scared and just trying to remain calm.  My mom had to leave the room, and I could sense things were tense and scary for the nurses and the doctor.  Honestly, while being turned from side to side so they could find a good position for the baby I was freaking out.  I'm 40 and we tried for this baby for 6 years IVF, the works.  My 11 year old son was outside i nthe waiting room, waiting for his little brother who he had been waiting for for so many years!  I prayed to God and tried to remain as calm as possible so my heartrate would not affect the baby.  This went on for about 20 minutes, but it felt like an eternity.  I was so scared, but they knew how to handle the situation, and he was born soon after that with no more complications.
EDD 9/01/11

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