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New York Babies CASTING CALL for adorable NYC-area babies! is looking for adorable NYC-area babies between 8-14 months, toddlers between age 2-3, and kids between age 4-5 to appear in a national morning TV show segment this Sunday, October 23rd in the morning (between 6-10am). We?re looking for babies/toddlers/kids to look adorable on TV in DIY Halloween Costumes. If you know or have a baby/toddler/child who would be willing to appear on a national morning show, please email the following information ASAP to [email protected] :

Contact Info (daytime & evening numbers, email address):
City, State:
Baby/Toddler/Child Name:
Baby/Toddler/Child Age:
Baby/Toddler/Child Weight:
Baby/Toddler/Child Gender:
Toddler/Child Height:

If Baby, Can He/She Sit Up:
Is Your Baby/Toddler/Child Available Sunday, October 23rd  (approx. between 6am and 10am):

**Please include a recent photo of the baby/toddler/child.

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