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If your LO has reflux

If your LO has reflux, do you put them down without burping them after a night feeding?

I try to keep DS on my chest or sitting upright for at least 15 minutes after all of his feedings. Of course, he is asleep after his two night feedings and I could theoretically put him right back into his crib. I always put him over my shoulder though and try to burp him. He doesn't usually burp in the night, but I keep him there to give him a chance to digest a little. Sometimes he spits up after being put down, sometimes he doesn't.

I am just wondering what you ladies do. I would love to turn that 45-60 minute awake time for me into just 30 if I could by putting him down right away, but I don't want him spitting up everywhere.
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Re: If your LO has reflux

  • I used to give it a shot but B was never a big burper. And when she would nod off during the middle of the night feedings I never wanted to do anything to wake her back up because she was such a crappy sleeper.

    I never even held her upright...we would nurse and then I would move her as quickly and carefully into the crib as I possibly could and sneak out of the room.

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  • I would keep L upright and somewhat awake to see if I could get a burp out of her.  Most of the time I was unsuccessful.  I would just put her back in her PnP.  We had the bassinet which was elevated at an angle so if she did spit up, it usually just went downwards. 
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  • I do try and burp him, and usually it works.  If I don't, it's almost guaranteed that he'll spit up and wake up when I put him back down.  Although I will say that his sleep has really improved since putting him down in the RNP, because I don't have to keep him upright for as long, the RNP does that for me.
  • at that stage, I did, but at about 3 months I stopped.  Isaac was a HUGE burper though, and we could usually get one out of him by about 3 taps.  Plus, he loved being burped for some reason. 
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  • We have to work with DS pretty hard to get him to burp, it's always been like this. However, I won't put him down without at least trying to burp him.


  • I do my best to burp DD before putting her down.  If she is out cold, I find it helps if I pick her up under her armpits and let her body stretch out, bounce gently like that a few times, then put her over my shoulder and keep burping her.  For some reason the stretching seems to wake her up just enough to burp, and I think the stretching also gets the gas up.  My mom taught me that trick...

    That said, I have put her down without burping if I absolutely can't get a burp out of her.  I have had mixed results with that....sometimes it's fine, and sometimes she ends up throwing up her entire next meal because the gas finally makes its way up...but that's a gas issue, not a reflux issue.

    The pediatrician told me that as long as the mattress is inclined, it's the same effect as holding them upright for 30 minutes.  So I have been holding her upright for about 10 minutes after eating (just enough time to get some burps and make sure she's done eating), then it's back to bed for us.


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