Parenting after a Loss

*~*~Working Moms Check In*~*~

(On time for once!)

2 Ups

2 Downs

QOTW: What do you like most about fall? is there anything in particular that you love to do that you can't do in the summer?

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Re: *~*~Working Moms Check In*~*~

  • I just went back to work this week, so I'll join.

    Ups: 1- it's really nice to be a fully functioning adult.
    2- the mother's room is pretty nice and I pumped more than DD ate both days so far.

    Downs: 1- the first email I got from the new project I'm on was asking if I had any dietary restrictions because the staff will order us dinner Mon-Thurs. I wanted to say my restriction is that I need to eat dinner at home.

    2- I think I need to find a new job because I just can't see keeping these hours while I have a LO at home. It was manageable when all I needed to do outside the office was maintain my marriage (we only ever fought about how much I work), but adding being a mom to it makes the job not worth it.

    I love that in the fall it's time to start wearing sweaters- they just feel so good! And I can go to the beech and find a parking spot no problem (I live in central/southern NJ, not Boston-ish anymore).
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  • Up- I've been working out and I feel great. So far I'm 4/5 days (taking Sundays off)

    Up- I bought new work pants last night.

    Down- Still haven't gotten our pictures back from our photographer from 3 weeks ago. She said we would have them a week ago

    Down- As much as I'm looking forward to the holidays this year, I'm also dreading them

    QOTD- The colors, the smells, the cooler weather. I love it all! I like to be outside in the fall and I don't like that in the summer. I don't like to be hot so I tend to stay inside in the summer.  

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  • Up: I'm taking Friday off to spend with B.

    Up: My Godfather is coming to town on Friday!

    Down: I'm still sick

    Down: This daycare thing is stressing me out.

    QOTW: Hot apple cider. And apple picking.

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  • Up: We all have the rest of the week off for a fall teacher break

    Up: My mom has been here watching DD since daycare has been closed for said fall break for the whole week

    Down: I think it's been even harder to leave her at home than to take her to daycare because I just want to stay with them

    Down: I busted a group of students for smoking pot yesterday, and there's a lot of hostility toward me now from other students Confused

    QOTW: Crunchy leaves. Pumpkin shakes.

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  • Ups - 1.) I took Monday and Tuesday off so it's going to be a short week.  2.) DH and I are going to a wedding this weekend and I'm looking forward to a little one on one time with him.

    Downs - 1.) DD has pnemonia and croup - but is recovering well. 2.) I caught the cold that got DD sick in the first place.

     QOTW: I like being able to wear my warm snuggly clothes and cuddling under a blanket with DH and DD.  I also love tromping through the crunchy leaves.  I can't wait to take DH out and let her play when she feels better.


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