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My right foot is so much more swollen than my left!

It's been like that all day today. 

A few days ago (maybe a week?) both my feet became swollen.  I thought it was dehydration, as I had like 2 days where I didn't drink as much water as I normally do.  But I've been chugging water like crazy since then without any change.  So I've just chalked it up to being 7.5 months pregnant.

But today, my left foot is a tiny bit swollen and my right foot is really swollen.  I have a routine appointment scheduled in the morning with my OB, so I'll let her know.  Anyone ever have one really swollen foot?

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Re: My right foot is so much more swollen than my left!

  • My feet are the same way. My doctor said it's probably the way the baby is laying. It's been this way for weeks, and she hasn't seemed concerned about it.
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  • It's my left foot that is swollen and my hands. 
  • My feet just started swelling 2 weeks ago and my right foot is so swollen that I've been limping around work because of it. Another great pregnancy symptom!
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  • I am 40 weeks and 2 days now and both my feet look like jet puffed marshmallows and have for weeks. I keep them propped up as much as I can and DH rubs my feet a couple times a week but I have not fit anything but flip flops on them for a month. I also drink a ton of water so it doesn't really make a difference in that department so I guess its just how much you water your body retains. I have cut out salt too and that didn't help either.
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  • Both my calves go straight down to my toes nowadays, however, my left foot has been about 1/3 bigger than my right one since I started swelling. I don't know if it's normal or not, but my doctor knows and hasn't said it means there's anything wrong.

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  • my right foot is always more swollen than my left, I never asked doc about it. DH thought it could be that I lean on my right more and I noticed after he said that that I do tend to lean on my right if Im standing or doing dishes or whatever.
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  • Mine is opposite!  Left is swollen, right is not.  It is probably nothing.  I have noticed that when I wear running shoes all the time neither swell up as mcuh, but the minute I put on anything else, they both swell.  At least it will be going back to normal soon!
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  • Totally normal. My one foot is usually more swollen than the other. The doctor said it is how the baby is laying. It impedes blood flow more on the one side than the other.
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