Parenting after a Loss

I just wrote out instructions...

..for DH for tonight.  I am going out for dinner and a drink or two with a few friends...nothing too crazy, but I haven't done this at all since DD was born, so I'm really excited (holy run-on sentence).  I hope it goes well for DH....I mean I set everything out that he'll need, wrote out instructions (which he requested) and I'm feeding her dinner before I go.  Hopefully I come to home to a happy sleeping baby and a happy, relaxed husband tonight.
Lilah Eve---our angel in heaven: Born sleeping 12/2/09 @ 28w3d. We love you and miss you everyday, little angel.
Isabella Faith---Born 12/17/10 via c-section.
Abigail Marie---Born 11/16/12 via c-section
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Re: I just wrote out instructions...

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