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Any success stories - 19w, open cervix, bulging membranes

My sister is 19 weeks pregnant with an open cervix and bulging membranes. They can't do a cerclage because it would be very likely to rupture her membranes. She just found this out today, so she doesn't have a lot of answers if they are going to try to medicate her to keep the baby in, keep her in the hospital on bedrest, etc. I know the odds are really stacked against them, but does anyone have any success story with an open cervix this early on?
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Re: Any success stories - 19w, open cervix, bulging membranes

  • i recently google image searched bulging membranes to see what they looked like (i had them, but i was 35 weeks), and one of the photos i found was of a doctor doing a cerclage on someone who was VERY early. It said something like, "the brave doctor is successfully performing a cerclage on a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant using a balloon catheter to keep the membranes out of the way and avoid rupture."

    I'll try to find it again. 

  • I've read a few success stories here on the bump boards. It really depends on the OB. Some won't treat aggressively at 19 weeks because the baby hasn't reached viability yet. Others will treat aggressively. IMO, she should be on hospital bedrest, on meds/IV fluids to treat any contractions, and in trendelenburg position (head lower than feet) to keep pressure off the membranes and cervix. She should also seek a second opinion from a MFM. Even if they could buy 5 or 6 weeks, baby would have a shot a survival. T&P for your sister!
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  • at twenty weeks, i had almost no cervix left and bulging membranes. my ob referred me to a peri who did the cerclage even tho there was a chance of rupturing, as that was basically my only hope due to the age of the fetus and it not being considered "viable". I have continually bulged past my cerclage since then and have been on strict bedrest at home and in the hospital... I have recieved steroid shots and have made it to 29 weeks so far! If a cerclage isnt an option for her, tell her bedrest bedrest bedrest... have her bum and hips and legs elevated as the bag can go back to where ti belongs. The cervix is a crazy bodypart that can reverse  to more length! Drink lots of water to avoid contractions...  And i would definately get a second opinion from a High risk MFM about the cerclage... a good dr can place a stitch without rupturing the bag!!
  • I am sorry to hear about your sister's situation, it's very scary.  I would also advise getting additional opinions on the cerclage, from an MFM.  This is what saved my babies when I started to dilate.  It will likely be a risky procedure since her membranes are bulging, but if the alternative is losing the pregnancy there are likely drs. who will help her try.  Best of luck to her.
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  • My incompetent cervix story did not end well. I would highly suggest getting a second opinion. There is alot to be gained (even though riskier) by getting a cerclage. Without a cerclage, the absolute best that can be hoped for is no change. But more likely, she will continue to dilate and deliver. That is what happened to me. She is in my T&P.
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  • When I was pregnant with DS I was on this board and a woman was in a similar situation. She got a cerclage and was on bed rest and then hospital bed rest but delivered a healthy baby girl at 34 weeks.

    Best of luck to your sister!

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  • I was not 19 weeks but at 24 weeks I was 4 cm dialated with bulging membranes. My OB performed a cerclage and I spent a few days on hospital and then bedrest at home until 32 weeks when my water broke. Our daughter turned 5 last month and very healthy. Good luck to your sister.
  • it really depends why she is in labor so early. If they know its an IC then they may do a cerclage but I went into labor at 22 weeks my membranes were bulging too. They gave me medicine to keep me from contracting and I was in bed for 2 days and could not get up. I ended up delivering 2 days later. The Dr told me I had infection and had to deliver or it could make me really sick, for me a cerclage was not an option because they suspected I had a infection and they were not sure I had an IC. I wish the best of luck to your sister. I hope she is able to keep the baby in there

  • I mostly lurk, and I don't know if you are still checking this but I was in the same situation as your sister. 19 weeks, short cervix, 1 cm dilated, funneling and building membranes. My OB and also my MFM didn't know if I was dilated due to IC or PTL. So they advised against the cerclage, but left it up to me. I chose NOT to get an emergent cerclage because they said that my membranes may rupture during the procedure.

    I was on bed rest at home for 13 or 14 weeks. I got steroid shots at 24 weeks. At 34 weeks, my cervix closed and got longer! I got off bed rest at 36 weeks and delivered a healthy 7 lb 7 oz girl at 38 weeks. I hope your sis has success too! 

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