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Moving with a newborn?

We just got notice from DHs job that his boss is going to move him to another location (with his permission). His start date would be November first. The benefit is that we would be moving back to our home town, but moving with a newborn is giving me anxiety.  We will have to drive the 5 hours there and back to find a place to live, and then again when we move. The company will pay for packing/moving. 

Anyone moved with a newborn? Or have experience with packers? What exactly would I have to do/prepare? 

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Re: Moving with a newborn?

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    My job has relocated me a couple of times and taken care of the moving costs.  I didn't do it with a newborn but I don't think it should be too stressful.  Our DS was 12 mos during our last move and I sent him to the sitters on the day the movers came to the house so that he wasn't in the way.  The packers literally pack everything.  You don't have to lift a finger or do a thing.  All you will need to do is set aside anything you don't want them to pack.  And I always buy lunch for the packers and moving crew as a nice gesture.

    Congratulations on being able to move back to your hometown,

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    It sucks. I moved an hour away and that sucked enough! We didn't have movers though, we did it all ourselves/with the help of family. Just pack up EVERYTHING you can before you have the baby (unless you have already, I didn't look at your sig for a ticker)
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    We moved across the country when DD1 was 3.5 months. We found out about the move when she was a week old, and I immediately started planning and packing so I could take my time. Whenever you have a free minute (yeah, yeah, I know :P) pack something that you can live without until November - out of season clothes, board games, stuff baby has yet to grow into or has already grown out of. And LABEL EVERYTHING. It will make it so much easier when you arrive at the new place.

    We packed everything ourselves, but hired movers to load/drive/unload the truck. We loaded the essentials in our car and spent a week on the road, so it was so so nice to let someone else unload all our furniture and stuff at the end. Our furniture took about a week to make it to the new place, so we made a vacation of it so we wouldn't arrive before all of our stuff. Worked out great!

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    I just moved this past week and it wasn't too bad. We had movers but packed ourselves. I'm a pro at moving as we've done it yearly for the past 10 years!

    Here are a few tips:

    1. Purge - start going through your things, room by room, now. Get rid of anything and everything that you do not want or need. Sell it, donate it or throw it away but get it out of your space.

    2. Pack your non-essential items now. I always pack book/cds/old files really early. If I don't think I'll need it then I get it out of sight.  

    3. Make a list of the items that you will need right away at the new house. You will want to make sure all of those items are packed together and the boxes are recognizable. Since you have a newborn you may not get unpacked as quickly as you'd like.

    4. Get someone you trust to look at the potential houses/apartments for you so that you are only looking at a few really good ones on the day that you go. Start getting recommendations for realtors now.

    Good luck with the move - you'll be fine!

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