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Temp craziness

OK, I'm confused. My temperature trend makes it look like I ovulated. Up until yesterday, fertility friend put the red line in (for ovulation). After taking my temp today (97.05....it didn't remain high), fertility friend has reassessed. I'm not expecting a diagnosis from anyone lol but am wondering if anyone else has experienced it. Also, is it even possible to ovulate that early? hmmm



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Re: Temp craziness

  • Also, I just realized I tried to post my chart (clearly that didn't work LOL). On day 10 it was way down (96.58) day 11 it shot up to 98.48.
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  • You won't know for another day or so because you're looking for trends, not a particular answer on a particular day.

    Just remember that temping is not a test. Some cycles may look weird, and it's just how it happens.

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