1st Trimester

Vaginal Discharge

I seriously feel disgusting right now. Just wonderin' if anyone else is in the same boat?

Since my BFP I have had an increase in vaginal discharge. It ranges from clear and slippery to pale yellow and creamy but there is always a lot of it. Sometimes I have to wipe several times just to feel *dry* down there. Ew!

I just had my first appointment last week and the dr. said I did not have an infection so I am not worried about that, I just guess I don't really get it! All I know is its gross.
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Re: Vaginal Discharge

  • You're not alone.

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  • I have read that it increases to keep an infection out of your "area" so nothing can get in there and effect the baby. I am in the same boat but since I read that it's not bothering me too much. Good luck!
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  • i have had this problem as well. my ob said discharge increases to keep infections away...
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    Also, I have this problem even when I'm not pregnant. I hope you are ready to deal with this FOREVER.

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  • You're definitely not alone!  Tongue Tied  Good luck!
  • Not alone. Mine isn't as profuse, but it's more..mucusy. Like, from your nose. Doctor says I'm fine. But bleh. It's gross and somewhat worrisome.
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  • panty liners are your friend!!  

     oh, and with your second, you'll also have to worry about sneezing while having to pee (aka snissing)...not pretty...this will happen to you later on in 3rd tri, but it happens to me now, too, yuck!

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  • Yep...here too
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  • You are definitely not alone! I thought it was just me!
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  • It gets a whole lot worse as pregnancy progresses.  A whole lot worse.
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