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Swatting at ears?

How do you know if it's an infection?  I've been reading around here to not use even the safety q-tips (which I was using every day after bath) and that pedi's say to actually squirt water in their ears.  I stopped using the q-tips a few days ago. Well, last night I noticed he was swatting at his left ear.  Tonight during his bath, I  gently squirted some water in his ears.  My friends came over tonight and I was telling them about his ear swatting and my friend said something about sucking the water out.  Was I supposed to suck it out?  I totally didn't.  B goes down for the night at 7 and STTN.  He woke up before at 8:45 which he never does.  I went in there to soothe him bc he wasn't going back down on his own.  I noticed that he was swatting both ears in his crib.  Did I royally screw up?  When do you call the Dr?  I was reading my "1st year" book and it said that not every ear infection is treated with antibiotics.  It said you could give acetaminophin for any pain or discomfort.  Should I give that if he's still swatting?  Please don't flame for anything, FTM and IDK what to do!


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Re: Swatting at ears?

  • I would check his temp. Infections cause fevers, so even if it is a low grade fever, then I would say go ahead with the tylenol.
  • From what I've read, ear infections are usually accompanied by other cold symptoms. DD had been doing the same thing with her ears. It can also be a teething sign, as the baby misplaces gum pain for ear pain. I asked our pedi about it yesterday at her four-month appointment. He checked her ears and said they were fine and it's probably associated w/teething.
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  • The link doesn't work if you click it (takes you to the bump) but if you copy/paste it, it's a sweet a$$ link with great info! Thanks thatgirl84!
  • I've read that swatting at ears is a sign of a tooth coming in. 

  • funny you should post this. my son has been tugging at his left ear for 2 days now.  he is just getting over a cold, so thats why i am worried about ear infection.

    .  but... no fever, no fussiness, does not appear sick.  maybe it is teething?  i am having him checked tomorrow when he gets his 4 mth shots he was supposed to get last week when he had his cold.

    hopefully neither of our boys has an ear infection. 

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  • No you aren't supposed to suck the water out. Big Smile The swatting may be just him discovering his ears or teething.  In my case it was them being clogged with wax but DS's eczema is to blame for that.  I would just have your LO's ears checked by the doc next visit.  If Lo seems really bugged by his ears I'd make an appointment sooner.
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