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How did I fail the glucose test?

I just found out I failed my glucose test. I am so bummed. I was so careful not to eat/drink sugary things a few days before. A few friends said they failed the first test and then when they went back for the 3 hour they passed. I'm wondering if anything else besides actually having gestational diabetes could have made me fail. Did I do anything wrong? The nurse told me to drink the stuff as fast as I could so I drank it in exactly one minute. Then they took my blood an hour after I drank it. Did I do anything wrong? Is there anything I can do to better my chances of passing the 3 hour test?

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Re: How did I fail the glucose test?

  • I doubt you did anything wrong, it is very common to fail the 1 hr. test.  I failed it when I was pregnant with my DD and then went on the pass the 3 hr. test with flying colors.  I think the 1 hr. test is a little more strict than the 3 hr.

    For the 3 hr. I had to fast before the test, that was the only difference.

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  • So I am wondering if fasting actually can "worsen" your results?  This is my own theory, but if your body has had nothing for 12 hours then all of a sudden gets a potion of sugar wouldn't you think it would react differently?  No idea if that has anything to do with it, but...

    FWIW I did not fast with mine (AT ALL, had a Coke that morning as a matter of fact) and I passed mine.

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  • From what I understand from my Dr., It has nothing to do with what you had eating or didn't eat, it has to do with how your body is processing the sugar (from the yucky drink you drank).
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  • I never took the 1 hour test, and failed the 3 hour test, so I have GD. Completely eliminating sugar isn't the issue...it's your carbs. Carbs turn into sugar in the body.


    Before you take the 3 hour test, make sure you eat a limited number (think 2 servings per meal and fruits count!) of carbs a few days prior (like 3). Also, make sure you have a snack right before you start to fast (popcorn is my favorite). Otherwise yes, when you drink the glucose solution it can "spike" your blood sugar.


    Good luck!

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  • I had my screening today and am worried that I may have failed, especially based on how my body reacted during the one hour wait.  I wont know the results until at least tomorrow.

    I was told that I did not have to fast and was given no special instructions for my diet ahead of time.  I did sort of fast today and only ate a higher protein breakfast and lunch and stopped eating at 10:30am and my screening was t 2:45.  

    I became very hot and started sweating and feeling light-headed and nauseous.  I actually had to lay down during the second half hour.

    I had a fasting finger-stick glucose check last week and it was perfectly normal (74).  

    FX that you pass the three hour!!!

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  • As one commenter said, it's not about what you eat before hand - your body processes the sugar load as best it can. I wish they wouldn't describe it as  "test" in terms of passing or failing. There's nothing, really, that you can do to change how your body processes carbohydrate, apart from eating starchy things in combination with protein and fiber (I have GD, and this is the usual tactic). But they're not going to let you drink the glucola while eating some cheese or nuts, though, so it is what it is. 

    I don't say any of this to get you down - only to reinforce that you didn't "fail" because you did or didn't do something. There's a good chance you'll pass the 3 hour test, which is more accurate. And remember that while GD is no picnic, it's not the worst thing in the world (trust me!) and it's manageable. The most important thing is that you are best prepared with the information you need to take care of yourself. Our bodies require A LOT more insulin when we get to about 24 weeks gestation, and sometimes we need a little help keeping up - that's all. Don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong.  

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  • Thanks everbody. So it's not about how fast or slow you drink the drink?

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  • Thanks everyone! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my 3 hour test on Tuesday!

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