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Convertible car seat

When is it "normal" to switch to a convertible car seat? I'm a FTM so I have no reference LOL But DD is ~15lbs and ~23". We have our 6mnth check up on the 19th so I'll have firm numbers then. Anyone have an opinion? TIA!

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Re: Convertible car seat

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    I think most car seats have a weight and/or age limit.  We are waiting til our li'l porker doesn't fit in his anymore, but I am quite certain he won't make it to a year.  But now that they recommend rear facing car seats until age 2, we knew we'd have to get another one by then anyways.
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    It will depend on your seats limits, but aside from that it's mostly a matter of preference. Our infant seat was rated up toe 32 lbs and 32 inches. DD1 stayed in it until nearly 13 months. At that point she was 19.5 lbs and 31 inches, so we switched her to the convertible before she hit the height limit. I've had friends who switched their LO's at 6 months, either due to a lower limit seat or because they felt their LO wanted to sit more upright than the infant seat allowed.
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