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Would you move LO?

He is sleeping almost sitting up, folded in half, in his crib.  Should I go in there and flatten him out?  If he tries to lay flat, he's going to hit his head on the railing.  He just went to sleep after 30 mins of fighting.  Sad

ETA: n/m, I just moved him.  he didn't wake up. Whew! 

Twin boys born too early at 17w4d and 18w2d in February 2010
Transabdominal cerclage placed September 2010
DS born at 35w1d in February 2011
Twin girls born at exactly 36w in February 2013
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Re: Would you move LO?

  • C sleeps like that all the time!  He takes after his father, who could sleep through a Bon Jovi concert.
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  • DS always sleeps like this. I don't dare go into his room after he's fallen asleep. You're braver than I am.
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  • You have it easier than me. I have to "search" for my DD because she sometimes falls asleep in her crib and sometimes falls asleep on the floor. Luckily when I move her back to her bed she usually goes right back to sleep

    Missed m/c 2/29/08; D&C 3/5/08


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