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XP: Latex Nipples for Avent Bottles

So we've been using avent without issues to get LO ready for when I go back to work (he is EBF). This week, my mom has been coming to practice getting LO used to bottles all day (she'll be staying home with him when I go back to work) and for some reason he won't take them. We tried a playtex drop in bottle with a latex nipple and he sucked it down like no tomorrow. We have a TON of avent bottles that can't be returned, so I was wondering if anyone had found a different brand latex nipple that fits avent. Avent doesn't make a latex nipple. We were opposed to these in the beginning since they can't be put in the dishwasher, but a happy LO is a happy mommy :c)
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Re: XP: Latex Nipples for Avent Bottles

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    I don't *think* there is any nipple that will fit Avent bottles other than Avent, but I could be wrong.  Standard nipples are pretty interchangable, but wide mouth nipples are not so much.

    Are you sure it's the latex he likes, or just the smaller nipple?  Have you tried any other bottles with similar nipples that you can put in the dishwasher? 

    I'm sure you could sell your Avent bottles on CL and at least get some of your money back.  I sold DS' bottles when he was done with them and got a decent price for them.


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