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Will there be candy @ DC's school Halloween party?

Just curious as to what different policies are. 

We got the class newsletter today with the party time, with the instructions that "due to severe allergies, medical conditions and a desire to promote healthy lifestyles, we will celebrate parties with raw fruit and vegetables only."

I believe this goes for birthday parties as well. 

I understand why they have this policy, and I'll find some kind of cute Halloween fruit-monsters to make. But it's definitely one of the strictest snack policies I've heard of on here (the district also discontinued daily snack because of the number of allergies). And it still makes me a little wistful that DD1 won't be able to bring cupcakes or other treats on special occasions. I loved that when I was in school. 

If anybody has links to web sites that have creative fruit and/or veggie snack ideas for Halloween, I'd appreciate it. :)  


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Re: Will there be candy @ DC's school Halloween party?

  • Douglas county here and there was plenty-o-candy as well as a truck load of sweet treats in pre-school last year.

    As an admitted food nazi I'm more than a bit jealous of your school situation.

    The amount of candy/sweets the kids get throughout this whole month at ever event we go to is insane.


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  • At preschool they will make a "friendship brew". Basically every kid brings something,they dump it all together in a bowl and then each child gets some. I think its suppose to be kind of like trail mix in the end. Ds is a food allergy kid so he won't get to participate but I will send something similar for him that day for snack. They are allowed to bring any kind of food for bday parties. I keep cupcakes that I make for ds in the preschool's freezer and they give to him on party days. His allergy isn't contact/airborne triggered like a peanut allergy. I can't even imagine the fear those parents feel on a daily basis knowing a cupcake or a snickers could kill their child.
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  • I know this isn't Halloween themed, but I bet you could make something similar like a monster. Just thought I'd share (not clicky from iPad scroll down the page to the turkey):

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  • As a parent of a peanut allergy child, I appreciate the no candy rule.  Halloween freaks me out sometimes with all the candy around.  DD knows she can't eat peanuts, but she doesn't know what all might have peanuts in them.   

    I teach and my classroom is a baked goods free classroom for class parties due to so many different food allergies in my class.  The parents are sending in fruit and veggie trays, pretzels, crackers, cheese, juice and water for our party. My school is trying to promote healthy eating and encourages the parents to plan for things other than cupcakes, ice cream, etc.   I am also sending a note home to all the parents with a list of the food that is being served and they have to check whether they give permission for their child to eat the items or if there are certain items they cannot eat. 

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    Or fruit or veggie kabobs and stick all the skewers into a pumpkin

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  • There is candy for the parade (most of which I hand out on halloween so kind of recycled) but for the party itself, peanut-free mini cupcakes (Wal-Mart has them), cheese and crackers, juice, etc. are the norm.  I'm getting stuff for the gift bags that are non-candy -- little toy, little real pumpkin, fruit snacks.

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  • Our county school system has a no-food policy for celebrating anything.  No candy, no cupcakes, no nothing.  If you want to send goodies for your child's birthday, they must be educational items only (pencils, erasers, etc...).   Way to take the fun out of childhood, IMO.  

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  • At the school party, there won't be candy, but there will be food.

    They normally try to have a mix of chips/pretzels/cupcakes w/ fruit and veggies.

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  • I'm also jealous of your situation!  I find the amount of junk food served appalling.
  • our preschool tells us what the menu is and then you sign up for what you want to bring

    so it:



    carrot sticks



    juice boxes




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  • Yes, but not gobs.  Normally I bring cupcakes and a couple of other moms bring cookies.  Than the other parents bring some simple candies.  It is just one day for the month and only about 5 of these celebrations in the school year, so I don't really mind it.

    We had an allergy last year and so I made gluten-free stuff last year.  My meetup Mom's group has a diabetic child coming to the party so I'm working closely with her and we are keeping the danger foods to a minimum (and making substitutions like for cupcakes we are going to have normal ones and sugar-free ones) and the sweets to a take home bag that they don't get until they leave.

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  • Yes, DD's preschool allows candy for Halloween. They're allowed to bring in cupcakes or other treats for their birthdays, too.

    Some of the other preschools I looked at didn't allow any candy or birthday treats. I think that's sad. I understand wanting to promote healthy eating but I think moderation is the key. Banning goodies just makes kids want them more.


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  • Our pre-school doesn't have a Halloween party.  I was a little surprised, but overall okay with it.  He will be doing plenty of celebrating (and getting way too much candy) outside of it.
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  • My district is huge on healthy eating and sweet treats are discourged.  In my DD"s older DD"s class, they ahve a few allergies so it is more strick.  For the party, there will be no candy but kids can bring other stuff to pass out, not eaten in school, and then its up to the parents.  Same basic policy at younger DD's preschool - at both everything has to be store bought.  I bought bouncy balls for the girls to pass out.
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  • My daughter's school overall promotes only healthy eating - no chocolate or sugary snacks are allowed on regular days and it's a peanut free school. However, for parties they do allow sweets but they must be store-bought.

    I think it backfires to be an extremist about anything. They're kids and part of the fun of being a kid is to overload on candy on Halloween. As long as it's not all the time, I don't see the harm. But that's just me :) 

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  • DS's school said no home made items for the parties. We can only bring in pre-packaged snacks.

    I'm glad I'm not the parent responsible for trying to find a healthy pre-packaged snack.

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  • imageseptemberdreams:
    I'm also jealous of your situation!  I find the amount of junk food served appalling.
    This. Ds keeps coming home with these rice cakes that are smeared with canned frosting which I guess is a project they do in class. Gross. I don't mind him having a cupcake for a special occasion but I am appalled by the giving out of candy and junk food that happens at school. My kid thinks dates and blueberries are super special awesome treats, he doesn't need m&ms but I wonder how long that will last if they pump him full of that stiff at school.
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