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Re: Woman gives birth hours after completing marathon!

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    Way to go New Mom! 

    The important thing to remember is that she had trained for this long before she was PG and knew her body enough to know when to hold back.  It's all part of being any type of athlete at a competitive level, you know your body, you know not to train like a knucklehead before you get PG and you sure as heck know not to train like one once you are PG... 

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  • Wow!
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  • As a runner, I am completely in favor of women staying active during pregnancy.  But, this was reckless!  After a marathon, your body has taken such a pounding, you can be in a form of kidney failure.  I cannot imagine what kind of OB would say that this is a good idea.  The kind of prep workouts that you do pre-marathon are equally as intense!


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  • That is amazing!
  • I agree 100% w/ mrs.conananan. Marathon running is an incredible feat for the individual willing to put a ton of stress on the body. Even for a completely healthy woman that isn't pregnant, it's a lot of stress.

    I competed in marathons and triathlons for several years and barely had a menstrual cycle (maybe for a couple days, once every 3-4 months). This was part of the reason why I was completely clueless that I was pregnant until nearly the end of the first periods ever. After finding out I was pregnant, I made a huge attempt to give my body the rest and respect that it deserves...which did not including training for a freaking marathon. Seriously. 



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  • I can't even do a marathon without being pregnant!

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