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jobs for stay at home moms...HELP!

I am wanting to become a stay at home mom once my son is born. Or possibly even sooner so i can prepare everything before hand. unfortunately we need the dual income. what are some job options that are not scams for stay at home moms? what do you stay at home moms do to bring in extra cash?
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Re: jobs for stay at home moms...HELP!

  • It is a lot easier to save money/cut costs than to make money from home in most cases (cut cable and phone plans to minimums, buy generic, etc).  Depending on what you do now some employers contract work out with their employees.  I currently do in home daycare and used to file insurance claims from home.  Honestly though it can be quite difficult to work from home with a baby/kids and if you absolutely need the dual income, then it may not be in the cards to SAH without working full time.  Making phone calls, working on the computer, and getting everything done was nearly impossible with a child.  I stayed up way to late and worked lots of weekends, so that is why doing in home daycare full time works for me.  Look at the FAQS tab on the Stay at Home Mom board to see what they have listed, for this question gets asked a lot over there.
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  • Hello. I stay home but don't currently bring in any extra income. I think you will find it EXTREMLY hard to work from home without having child care. I have a 10 month old and there is no way I could get any work done if I didn't have anyone to watch him. I can hardly get dishes done without having to stop multiple times to redirect DS or make sure he's not getting into something. I think if you need to bring in income you could talk to your current employer and see if you could work from home (with childcare). Or could you go part-time? Could you work evenings and weekends so that you could watch LO while DH is working and vice versa? The other thing you might be able to do is watch another child or two in your home or find a nanny position that would allow you to bring LO along. Just some ideas.
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