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back wrap questions

I'm feeling pretty discouraged.  I've been practicing my back wrapping.  I started with ncbelle's blog and videos, and followed that with many youtube videos. 

I've been trying a ruck with a size 6 didy acqua nautilus (in case that matters).  I'm having a few problems.

1) Why do my shoulder straps hurt my armpits?  

2) I wore LO (6 months, 17 lbs) for about an hour, maybe a little longer.  When I unwrapped him, he had marks on the underside of his knees.  Did I wrap him too tight?  Which leads to...

3) I had to tighten my wrap at about 30 minutes in.  I've been using my didy for FWCCs for months, so I'm confident in my wrapping, so it just seems strange that I would need to try to get it even tighter.  Thoughts? 

4) I feel like I have to master some sort of bw, because it seems like the FWCC won't work as he gets bigger.  Is that assumption wrong?

Thanks guys.  Your help is so appreciated!


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Re: back wrap questions

  • I do not claim to have all of the answers, however, I will do my best. 

    1)  I don't know why they hurt.  I have had the same problem, though.  Because of the armpit pain and feeling a little insecure with the ruck, I tend to use a double hammock instead.

    2)  DD sometimes gets marks on her legs.  I try to make sure the wrap is spread well and doesn't have bunches that cause big pressure points.  However, I don't worry about mild marking because I figure the same type of marks can happen in my sleep when I've slept on my pjs funny.

    3)  I sometimes have to adjust a wrap a little while into a carry.  I just did, today, in fact.  I feel like it's normal, but maybe I'm not doing it quite right...

    4)  This one is the real reason I wanted to answer.  Just today, I wrapped my 33# 27 month old in a FWCC.  It's a little awkward because she is so tall, but when she is sleeping in the carseat and I want to transfer her to a wrap, this is the carry that works for us.  She slept in the car for about half an hour, then in the wrap for about an hour, then another hour or so in the car...It was so great to get my grocery shopping done without ruining DD's nap.  We also like (our version of) the FWCC because DD can nurse discreetly in the wrap.  People just think she's sleeping.  That being said, the Double Hammock is our go to back carry because it feels so snug and secure for her and less cumbersome and more supportive for me...

  • Are you at a place where you can get some one-on-one help?

    I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged.

    1) Everyone's made differently.  Sometimes people tie Tibeten to help with the feeling of diggines in their armpits.

    2) Is your LO in enough of a pocket?  Try to get those knees up high and make sure that his bottom is well-supported in a deep pocket.  The marks are probably not a big deal.  Just make sure you're tightening the entire width of the wrap and not JUST the rails.

    3) See above about tightenting the entire width.  I'll try to find you a good video showing strand-by-strand tightening.

    4) I'm short and I have a short torso.  It didn't take long before having a big bulge in my front got to be inconvenient.

    You'll get it, Momma!

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    I know this isn't the right carry (and it's in German), but it shows how to tighten strand-by-strand really well.

    I hope you can figrue it out! Just don't give up... eventually you will find a way to make it more comfortable. I'm not saying to go get another wrap, but I find that certain carries are less comfortable than others in my different wraps just because they wrap differently. You might find that even trying a different type of back carry will be easier/more comfortable, and then you can revisit the ruck later.. maybe that would help?!?

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