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City Mini vs. Uppa baby vista

I can't decide between the City Mini vs. Uppababy vista. The city mini is 17lbs while the uppababy vista is 24lbs. The uppa baby vista can convert into a double stroller and I don't think the city mini can. City mini is less expensive and you can jog with it so no need for a second stroller. Any opinions??

I know the uppa baby can be used with 3 different brands of carseats, and I'm not sure about the city mini yet.


Re: City Mini vs. Uppa baby vista

  • Pretty sure you can't actually jog with the City Mini
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  • The City Mini is not a jogging stroller. Also, there is a car seat adapter you can buy for it that accommodates many seats. See here.

    FWIW, we're going with the City Mini. I like the convenience of the fold up, how light it is and the price is within a range that's doable for us. The UBV is a neat stroller, but just not worth almost $600 to me.


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  • For me, the real difference was weight and price.  If you plan to buy all of the attachments and add-ons to the CM, you might as well get the UBV because that's where the difference in price comes from.  All the "extras" come standard with the higher pricetag of the UBV, whereas you can buy them "a la carte" for the CM to save money and get only the extras you might want.
  • theyre like apples and oranges. one is full size, the other a hybrid. you cant jog with either stroller. if it was me, id get the vista and then eventually the city mini if that was feasible.
  • We have both, and the Vista wins hands down - like PP said it's not apples to apples.  The Vista is our main stroller(stays in my SUV) and we use it 90% of the time, the CM is our travel/umbrella stroller(stays in DH's car).  I can't say enough good about the Vista, I actually haven't found anything I dislike about it.  My main complaints of the CM is that the basket is too small/hard to get to, the brake is a pain with sandals, the handle doesn't telescope and you can't reverse the seat.  However, they're both great strollers!
  • Thank you ladies for your help!! :) I think we've decided to go with the Uppa baby vista. Now I just need to find out how long they will be going for $500 instead of almost $700.
  • Until last year's models are gone... I would have gotten the ubv if we were having one, but w/twins we got the city mini double (among others). Adv to the ubv are the bassinet, reversible seat, huge storage, rumble seat option, etc. It's a great deal @$500. Neither are joggers...
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    Thank you ladies for your help!! :) I think we've decided to go with the Uppa baby vista. Now I just need to find out how long they will be going for $500 instead of almost $700.


    until they sell out. once the new ones are in stock you will see the price at 699 for them.

  • We have the UBV and we love it, it's our every day stroller that we use 98% of the time. We have a cheap umbrella stroller that we are taking on our cruise and we also had a snap and go that I used for the first 14 months when traveling (airport only). Otherwise we use our UBV for everything and will be getting the rumble seat and piggyback attachment since #2 is on it's way.
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