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Ring sling brands?

Someone in my post below mentioned the Sakura Bloom slings, so I looked them up.  They are beautiful, but to get a pretty pattern they are $260+.  Maya wraps are only $74, but I'm not in love with any of them, and also think I might like a fabric other than cotton.

Is there a brand that is a good in between, with a pretty pattern and nice fabric, but under $150? 

Re: Ring sling brands?

  • Has anyone purchased a ring sling on Etsy?
  • I absolutely love my BBSlen Sleeping Baby Production Wrap conversion ring sling. She also has other products too. I love it! In my siggy , DH is wearing DS in our RS.
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  • Ditto Sleeping Baby Productions. She will customize a sling for you, so you can make it as inexpensive or pricey as you want.  Her prices are based on fabric type and extras such as pockets and trim.  I got a nice Tencel one with a pocket for about $50.
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  • There are several site that you can buy second hand.. not sure if I am allowed to say them...? and  You could buy a $150 RS for like $60 or $70 shipped.

    You can also get beautiful slings that aren't "name brand" that cost much less.

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  • imageGo_Dawgs:
    Has anyone purchased a ring sling on Etsy?


    I've never purchased from her myself, but I've heard wonderful things about ObiMama:

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  • Thanks, girls!  I will look in to all of these.  I'm excited to get a sling so I can start babywearing my LO again!  He outgrew the moby some time ago, and I just started to carry him around on my hip, but now he's too big for me to do that for any length of time.
  • imageGo_Dawgs:
    Has anyone purchased a ring sling on Etsy?

    Yes, and I regret it. The seller was nice and helpful, the RS is awful. I didn't know enough about them to make an informed decision.

    I *love* my Sleeping Baby Productions RS and I think the price was totally reasonable. I even sprung for the organic, because I was happy with the cost. It is beautiful and wonderfully made. Definitely would recommend it. 

  • I had this one:

    I still love it but it is just starting to fray after 2 years non-stop use! 

    my friend bought it for me I think she spent around 50-60 after shipping and handling and an instructional video. 


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  • I never hang out on this board but I figured I would butt in for this one while I'm checking out some boards I've never looked at. I got a sleeping baby productions sling and I can't wait to use it. I saw a woman using one before I was ever even planning to get pregnant and it looked so comfortable I had to ask her where she got it.
  • Another happy Sleeping Baby Productions customer here. I have two from her and even though we don't use them anymore, from 8-20 months they were lifesavers. And they're pretty too!
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  • I ordered a babybasics superwide ring sing from Babyette on Etsy and love, love love it. I just ordered a plaid sling from her, too. Can't say enough good things, and her slings are very reasonably priced:

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