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  • SS- B discovered our fish tank 2 weeks ago.

    Our fish are now terrified whenever anyone comes near the tank.

    (I don't think fish were the type of pet you meant, lol.)

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  • I have no pets, but my sister's French bulldog LOVES my DD. He comes running if she cries, and will sit by her stroller if she's in it, or beside the chair she's being held in. It's like he wants to babysit. Or subscribes to the 'keep your enemies closer' theory and knows she's his competition for being star of the show.
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  • DS just LIGHTS up when he sees kitty.  He cranes his neck to see her when he hears her meowing.  He joyfully crawls towards her.   Kitty will sometimes tolerate him until he lets out a squeal of excitement...then she can't get away fast enough!
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  • They do love each other for the most part. Guinness would prefer Ro leave his feet alone, but he gives her kisses every morning and enjoys her handouts at meal times. The cats adore her-especially Target. Poor Target was my guinea pig when it came to teaching Ro gentle. She is really, really great about petting them all gently 90% of the time now.

    We do keep the dog and Ro separated when I can't be 100% on guard because he has arthritis and I wouldn't blame him if she hit a sensitive spot and he snapped.  Better safe than sorry!

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  • One of my cats is terrified of Jack.  The second is indifferent.  The third tolerates him and allows him to grab fur, "pet" and snuggle. 
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  • SS:  Isaac LOVES the beasties.  Loves them.  However, the beasties are kinda scared of him.  They love to lick his feet (he laughs his butt off) but that's about it.  They don't like to be petted since he's a hair puller.  Boomer howls when Isaac cries.  LOL.
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  • SS- LO loves the beasties but the beasties pretty much ignore LO. Unless it's mealtime. Then the beasties LOVE LO.
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  • SS- DS loves to watch the dogs and I've been teaching him how to "pet" them.

    Our female dog loves him, probably because he doesn't shoo her away when she gives him kisses. Our male dog wants nothing to do with the baby. I suspect this will change once DS starts flinging food from the highchair.

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  • DD LOVES the dogs, and they tolerate her.  They like having her pet them, but sometimes they want to run away!
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  • DD loves our dog, but unfortunately is allergic to her slobber, so the dog would like to play, but hasn't figured out the no kisses part yet.
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