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There's hope ladies!

I gotta be an AW here! My DD is almost 12 weeks, and I have successfully laid her down twice, WIDE AWAKE, and she has fallen asleep on her own.'s a miracle! So for everyone who is struggling with sleeps with their babies, maybe you just need to keep at it and give it some more time!

Now if only she'd sleep longer than 2 hours at night...hahaha

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Re: There's hope ladies!

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    Congrats.  My LO hates being rocked to sleep at night, so I just put him on his back on the bed and rub his belly and stroke his cheek until he gets drowsy and them put him in the PnP.  If only he would do this during his naps and STAY asleep.  He is a cat napper and I can't get anything done when I work from home on mondays.  We are getting 5-6 hours of sleep now but he goes to sleep so early (becuase he isn't napping during the day) that at 1-2am I really don't feel like getting ready for work and although I like going to bed early I am starting to feel like a senior citizen. 
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