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$8.00 off Enfamil (Meijer coupon?)

It was printed at the checkout register after my receipt. It says manufacturer coupon, so I think it can be used anywhere Enfamil is sold.

PM me and I'll send it! Expires 11/15

Re: $8.00 off Enfamil (Meijer coupon?)

  • The ones I've had print off always say "To be redeemed at Meijer."  But I won't guarentee they're all like that.  I also have a couple if anyone wants them.  
  • Yes, the ones I have say that too.  However, I remember going to Kroger once and they let me use a "redeem at Meijer" coupon there because it is technically a manufacturer coupon, not a store coupon.  Maybe it depends on the retailer:)
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