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Boy sibling name to go with Jack?

Hi everyone,

I'm not a BNB regular but I thought you'd be the best people to ask.

My sister is pregnant with her second boy. Her first son is John Cameron H__ (goes by Jack). She's trying to think of another boy name for her second, but has so many requirements.

She doesn't want anything one syllable, or even a name that can be shortened to one syllable (she turned down Benjamin because of "Ben"). She doesn't want alliteration, so no H names. Her husband likes traditional. 

I feel like I've suggested everything and she keeps turning me down. So... any ideas? Thanks in advance. She's on my last nerve with this!

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Re: Boy sibling name to go with Jack?

  • Anthony William H (Tony)

    Desmond Michael (Desi) 

    Gordon Donald (Gordy) 

    Mother of  Sable Rene' & Clifton Michael
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  • Hmm, Henry was the first thought I had but then I read the no alliteration requirement!  This is rough!








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  • I'm pretty fond of Charles (Charlie), for obvious reasons.

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  • Noah Michael

    Sebastian Thomas

    Brendan Robert

    Jonah Steven

    Wallace David nn Wally

    Oliver James 

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  • Oscar









  • Milo

    Patrick (Pat is a possible nn, but totally unlikely, IMO)







  • I like the PP suggestions of Levi and Asher.

    My nephews are Jack and Luke, which go together really well, but you said more than one syllable.  

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