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Anyone have recommendations for infertility doctors and/or clinics?  We live in Hudson Valley, but are willing to travel into the city if need be.

If it helps (or matters), we will likely be looking to do ICSI.

Thanks for your help! 

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Re: infertility docs

  • I went to 2 separate facilities for each of my kids.  We did ICSI too.  I was happy with both places - although they are very different.  The only reason I switched was because of insurance coverage.  I mistakenly thought I would save more if I went to Cornell the 2nd time but they piece-meal everything so it ended up costing me more. 

    The first doctor was a private doctor - Dr. Cecelia Schmidt-Sarosi.  I loved her.  She is on 67th and Park.  It's a small office so everyone knows you and you aren't just a number.  She was such a cheerleader throughout the whole process and really held my hand.  I got pregnant with my son so obviously, the outcome was good for me.  I know others who went to her as well and got pregnant and loved her too.

    To have my 2nd child, I went to Cornell.  The doctor who took my insurance was in Westchester- at Northern Westchester hospital.  She has since left the practice but there are other doctors there- I think Dr. Schattman is one of them and he did my egg retrieval.  All office visits are in Westchester.  You just have to go to Cornell in the City for the actual retrieval and transfer and ultrasounds.  If you are thinking of Cornell, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Davis.  They all rotate so you don't see your own doctor very often- in fact, while I met with my doctor to go over what drugs, procedures they would do, I never saw her again.  Other doctors did my retrieval and transfer.  Dr. Davis however, was so warm and kind.  When I got bad news, he was the only one who wasn't cold and factory-like in his demeanor.  You have to be prepared that it is a big factory at Cornell - but they are great at what they do and their lab is phenomenal.

    Good luck- hope this helps.

    3 IUI's and 2 IVF's later- Brady arrived. Born at 36 weeks after PUPPS and pre-e/HELLP.
    IUI- BFN IVF #1 -BFP! Allie is our 2nd IVF baby. Born at 36 1/2 weeks after pre-e again
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  • if you want to try a holistic approach before going invasive, i know a nutritionist doctor who has a very large success rate.  a friend of mine tried two years for her first child, and after starting with dr. robert got pregnant two months later.  here's some info on him, dr. robert pastore.

    i went to him for some unrelated things and was very satisfied with my results. 

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