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? for Moms who FF and get coupons/checks

I feed DD Similac and get the coupon checks in the mail...actually used to get them in the mail.  I remember it happening with my first daughter too - it just seems like they've stopped sending them.  Has this happened to anyone else or is my chunky monkey using up too much formula for them to keep up with her? LOL
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Re: ? for Moms who FF and get coupons/checks

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    I get them very infrequently, but I do still get them.  I think I've gotten them twice since he was born, once in the first couple weeks and once last week.
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    I don't FF but I still got tons of them in the mail right around the time A was born and a bit after (I had almost $100 worth of checks that I donated last month). A month later they really slowed down and now I haven't seen them in a while. Perhaps they send a bunch at first and then stop? Maybe you could sign up for them again and see if that gets you some more.
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    Yeah - that's what I am thinking - now that they've got me hook, line and sinker, they're going to stop sending them! They sent me a lot in the beginning but that stopped a month or so later.

    I guess I am going to have to start registering my family for them now.

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    My friends (who either breastfeed or don't use Similac) get them a lot more than I do. They rarely send me checks and I'm a Strong Mom....LOL.
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    This happened to me also. I had my mom sign up on their website also and she started getting the checks also. It's really helped.
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