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Really???? Insurance Vent

So DH went to pickup my prenatal vitamins and the pharmacy told him those pills cost $67!!!! My insurance doesn't cover prenatal vitamins! Really???!!! So I have leftover vitamins from my last pregnancy I miscarried in May. I will continue to use those pills and refill those because they only cost $11. I just think that's ridiculous insurance should cover prenatal vitamins we shouldn't have to pay so much for prenatal vitamins and I have Oxford..

Re: Really???? Insurance Vent

  • I feel ya.  I have a PPO and they only paid $48 for a $265 blood draw and $15 on a $210 ultrasound.  Insurance in this Country sucks. 

  • My prenatals are free depending on where I fill the Rx and this is without insurance. They are called PR Natal 400 and are made my PruGen Inc. I would imagine places that dont have them for free sell them for very cheap. I had no idea I could get free ones until my OB told me.
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  • My insurance doesn't cover anything that can be bought OTC, so we'd be paying full price for prescription prenatals.  We also have pretty crappy insurance all around, so I understand the frustration!
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  • I got mine from GNC - my doctor recommended them.  $18/120 ct.
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  • I picked up mine at Target for less than $15 and it will get me through nearly half of my pregnancy.

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  • My Insurance so call covers prenatals and I am paying $40 a month as a copay.  My Crinone is also $40 a month as the copay.  I am dishing out $80 a month right now.   

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  • Since I have higher prescription co-pays with my insurance, my dr just told me to buy over the counter prenatals. I buy the target ones, that come with 2 different pills. They have everything my dr said I need to take in them, AND they are $12 instead of my $30 prescription co pay.

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  • i buy store brand prenatals, $10.   my dr said as long as it has folic acid, any brand will work.



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  • image koolgrl512:
    I got mine from GNC - my doctor recommended them.  $18/120 ct.

    This is what I use.  They worked great last pregnancy as well.  Get the ones without Iron because too much Iron can cause constipation. 

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  • I bought the nature made brand from Costco 18. Works just fine.

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  • My sister just returned some to her RE .. they charged her $168 for a months worth of vitamins... she thought about it and too them back! They wanted to charge her a 25% restocking fee and they weren't opened.

    Her FIL is an OBGYN so she feels comfortable taking a less expensive brand at his reccommendation.

    Me: I take $11 Gummy Vitamins.. the NP said it was OK.. hope it is!

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  • Most OBs have lots of sample prenatals that they can give you. At your next appointment, tell them how expensive they are on your insurance and ask for samples.

    And you should call the OB's office and ask for a different/generic prenatal. Again, tell them how much they are on your insurance. They should be able to give you a prescription for something another vitamin.

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  • I agree with the other suggestions of letting your OB know the cost of them on your insurance - he/she will most likely change your prescription or offer you samples....


    I'm not sure where you live, but here in Michigan we have a pharmacy chain that by law offers prenatal's for free to any women who shows an over 21 ID as a part of our initiative for pro-active healthcare oppertunities.  Perhaps you have a pharmacy with a similar option?

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