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Thinking back about baby gear...

The swing post got me thinking, did anybody else completely move everything around after the baby came?  We have a two story house so I wanted a PNP downstairs, so originally it was in the dining room, then moved to the living room, then the foyer, and months later ended up in our office.  The swing started out in the foyer, then moved to the living room.  All of the rooms have double door sized openings between them, I just think it's funny how much stuff moved around. 

I'm not looking forward to dragging all that stuff out again, plus having all of Jules' toys.  I know that no one is going to care what my house looks like, all the stuff just overwhelms me a little.  Am I crazy?  (You can say yes Smile

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Re: Thinking back about baby gear...

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    Our house is pretty small, so the baby gear definitely took over, and I was totally fine with that. Now the toddler toys have taken over, we converted our living room which we hardly used into a play room. Now the thought of all the baby gear plus toddler toys is making my head spin! lol
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    We are constantly rearranging to accomodate baby/kid gear :)  
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    . Now the thought of all the baby gear plus toddler toys is making my head spin! lol

    I'm so here! Ive been re-arranging all weekend- the closets, the toys area- bringing out all the baby stuff...


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    My head starts to spin when I think about having 3 different age ranges of "stuff" out. Charlie & Paul play with some of the same toys (Hot Wheels, train table, sports stuff, etc.) but Charlie has some toys geared toward older kids that he likes to keep separate. Right now most are in his room, but Paul is going to be moving in there soon...

     I think I'll just live in denial for a few more months :) Besides a friend has most of my baby gear right now

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    The baby gear and toys have taken over our house.  The swing is still up in a corner of the nursery because I can't figure out where to put it downstairs.  I'm sure my house will look nice and clean and organized when the kids move out to college.
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    The only thing I've taken down is the bouncy seat. Was thinking about it the other day, but I figured we may as well just leave it and not get used to having the extra space only to have it pop back up in a few months. Guess that's a perk of 2u2?
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    Our house is pretty small, so we never worried about having a PnP. The swing, on the other hand, took over the living room. I remember saying to DH that I forgot how much space we actually did have in the living room once that was taken out.

    And yes, the thought of having baby gear plus toddler toys all over does sound daunting.

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    My living room is actually pretty big- almost 27 feet long and it is FULL with "kid junk"... Justin's toys are everywhere constantly (with his bday AND xmas coming up I pray for small gifts, haha) and imagine baby gear for 2... I've given up on my house looking nice. I quit :)
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