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Gripe water for small/preemie baby?

DS is 4 days old - and I am pretty sure he is suffering from some major colic and gas.  Is it ok to give him Gripe Water?  The label says 2 weeks and older - but I am finding on the internet that most people have used it. 

DS is around 5 lbs if that makes a difference. 


Re: Gripe water for small/preemie baby?

  • I'm not sure if it's safe or not, maybe check with the pedi? What makes you think he's suffering from colic or gas? Have you checked out the Happiest Baby on the Block and tried the 5 S's by any chance? I know with my LO it was extremely helpful.
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  • gripe water is all natural and safe for babies older than 2 weeks. i notice my LO sleeps better when she gets some before bed (i still only give it to her when i think she needs it)
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  • If you buy the Mother's Bliss gripe water, check the inside of the box before purchasing - mine had a coupon for $1.50 off :-) (which I realized when I got home!!)

    We've been using gripe water for ds for about 2 weeks (he's 4 weeks today) and it really seems to help. Good luck!

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  • what brand are you using? I know Colic Calm is for two weeks and up, but you can post your question on their facebook wall and customer service will get back to you:

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