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Milk Decrease

DD is almost 13 weeks old & I breast feed & pump for use during the day while Im at work. Ive always had a small struggle when she hits a growth spurt & ups her milk intake, but I bounce back & produce enough to nurse her & pump into bottles. This past week she upped her intake to about 5 oz every feeding & I am struggling very hard! I WAS pumping 3 1/2 - 4 oz in a 15 minute session on each side. Now Im lucky to get 3 oz total after 20 minutes. I keep my fluid intake up, I eat reasonably healthfully, and pump after every feeding session (or pump exclusively during the workday). The only thing I can think of is extra stress at work, but Im not sure if that would affect me to this level. Any thoughts on why this sudden decrease?

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    My lactation Consultant says that stress can cause a decrease also people seem to produce less in the afternoon and if you are on your period you could produce less also. Hope this helps.
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