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Sooo my birthday is Sunday

And I have the best husband in the world! Tomorrow he is taking me wine tasting, than Sunday after church we are going out to lunch to my favorite place to eat and then on Tuesday he is taking me to JOURNEY!!! Omg!!! You have no idea how much I love this group! They are playing with Styx. Ah! I really cannot wait! On a sad note...I think I broke our Playstation 3. :( It wont turn on. All it does is go green than yellow than beeps and goes back to red. I am so incredibly sad. I think Im even sadder than my husband. Lol. Does anyone know though if this means it's dead?
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Re: Sooo my birthday is Sunday

  • that sounds like a great birthday!! I wish I could help you on the ps3. I would be happy i ours broke so H wouldnt play it so much. LOL

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  • Journey and styx...YesYes

    Happy Birthday!


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