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Hubby's outta town but I got a BFP!

So like I said hubby left Monday to go to work 2 states over. I took a Wondfo test and got a very faint line with FMU. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I dipped another in. Same faint line. So I went in to work at 3 (at the hospital) and by 9 I couldn't contain myself. My friend in the lab drew some blood and ran it. Of course that was the longest 30 minutes ever but I got a BFP. Just to prove it to hubby I took a clear blue digital and it said pregnant.

Today I think I'm around 9DPO.All we did was BD every night during my fertile week with the exception of 1 day. A time or 2 we BD twice in a day.

The only symptoms I've had thus far would be sore boobs and some cramps.

I don't think I could ever leave TTGP. Anyways I know it's still extremely early and I still don't fully believe it.


Re: Hubby's outta town but I got a BFP!

  • YAYAYAY!!! congrats!! 

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  • That is just wonderful!!  Congrats lady!


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  • Congratulations!  That's really exciting - glad you got the hook up at the hospital!  =)

  • Congrats!!

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  • Congrats!!

  • Congratulations! I hope your DH comes home soon so he can enjoy this wonderful moment with you. Wishing you a great pregnancy!

    BFP#1 12/23/11 EDD 8/29/12. Frank P. Cirillo IV born on 8/19/12 at 2:34am. Grew his wings and went to heaven on 8/25/12.
    My sweet angel Frankie. Love you so much!

    BFP #2 5/21/13 EDD 1/25/14 Sam Frank P. born 1/17/14 Our rainbow baby is here!!

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  • yay congrats!!
  • Congrats
    TTC #4(#1 for DH and I)Since 8/2010
    My Dx: PCOS 500mg Metformin 2x/day

  • Awwww congrats
    BFP 7/6/2012 EDD 3/15/2013
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  • Congrats!
    DD: 14 years old
    DS: 2 years old
    DS: Arrived in July

  • Congratulations! Did you tell him or will you surprise him? When does he get home?
    Logan Alexander born May 9th 2011. He has stolen my heart forever. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker BFP #2 05/24/12 EDD 01/31/13 D&C 06/26/12 Missing you. Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers Diagnosed with Ashermans 11/06/12 Surgery 01/18/13, Cleared for TTC 03/01/13 BFP 03/26/13 IT'S A BOY! Please Be Our Rainbow! BabyFruit Ticker
  • Congratulations!!! I remember your intro - you are a lucky gal that it happened in such a short time! Best of luck to you.
    Started TTC 2/2009
    Started fertility treatments 11/2010
    Ovarian dysfunction, LPD, male factor
    6 failed medicated IUI's
    Pregnant 5/2011 - Miscarriage at 6 weeks due to triploidy
    Decided to adopt - 6/2012
    SURPRISE! Pregnant without intervention - 7/2012 
    Sweet Baby James Born 3/2013
    Decided to be "One and Done"

    ....OR NOT.
    Pregnant 12/2018 despite birth control pills
    Here we go again...
    Due 8/26/19!
  • Congrats!! Wish you a H&H 9 months!
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  • Congrats to you!!!!!

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    IVF #1 September 2012, beta #1: 213; beta #2: 580. Expecting Twins! 
    EDD 6/9 lost one angel at 9w3d :( 
    Baby boy arrived 6/1/13
    FET #1 10/14, BFP -Chemical Pregnancy :(
    Everyone Welcome

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  • Congratulations! H&H 9 months!
    C- November 2007 E- December 2009 K-August 2012
  • Congrats! :)


     All Welcome :)


    ***Losses mentioned***

    ***TTC since June 2011
    ***DH to see urologist Feb. 2013
    ***BFP #1: Feb. 2nd, 2013; M/C #1: Feb. 12th, 2013 @ 5w3d :'(
    ***1st RE appt. April 10th, 2013
    ***IUIs #1-4 all failed
    ***IVF Consult October 7th, 2013
    ***IVF #1- January 2014: ER 1/20, ET of 2 embryos 1/23, Beta 2/5 *none to freeze*

    ***Feb 14th, 2014- M/C #2 @ 5w5d :'(

    ***RPL Bloodwork---- diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and MTHFR

    ***appt. w/ Genetic Counselor- April 18th

    ***hysteroscopy/laparoscopy scheduled for May 22nd- looks good

    ***IVF #2- July 2014

    ***7/26 Retrieval- 3 eggs :( , 2 fertilized :), none to freeze

    ***7/28 ET- 2dt of 2 embryos, stick little embies!!!

    ***8/11 beta- BFN :(

    ***WTF- DE IVF best option now

    ***DE IVF- January 2015




    imageMissing my 5 angels

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats!!!!
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  • SO SO exciting!  Congratulations! H&H 9 mos to you!

    ** After  2 1/2 years of Unexplained IF, 2 failed medicated cycles, and 4 failed IUI's - our baby girl came to us through the miracle of Mini IVF! **

  • Congratulations!  H&H 9 months!
    I'm crazy. He's crazy. We're the same kind of crazy, and that's love!

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  • Congratulations!

    ************ Signature/Ticker Warning ************
    Me (32) DH (36) - Finding our way to baby #1
    Me: POF/DOR - AMH <0.16, heterozygous c677t MTHFR, insulin resistant and gluten intolerant
    DH: Severe MFI

    12/2/11 - IUI #1- BFN 
    8/1/12 - IVF #1 - Zero response from max stims (600iu intramuscularly)
    My ovaries are just for decoration

    12/6/12 - Adopted five embryos that had been frozen for over ten years!
    2/11/13 - DEmbryo FET #1 Thawed four, sadly two didn't survive. Transferred two beautiful blasts. 
    2/16/13 - First BFP of my life @ 6dp5dt! EDD 10/30/13
    3/27/13 - After beta and u/s hell, no heartbeat ever detected. D&C at 9w1d.

    6/5/13 - Adopted four new embryos that had been frozen for seven years!
    9/12/13 - DEmbryo FET #2. Thawed and transferred two beautiful blasts
    9/17/13 - BFP @ 5dp6dt! EDD 05/31/14
    9/29/13 - m/c @ 5w1d. :(

    11/19/13 - DEmbryo FET #3. Thawed and transferred one blast from each batch. Wow!
    11/23/13 - BFP @ 4dp6dt! EDD 8/7/13
    Beta #1 @ 13dp6dt - 522  Beta #2 @ 16dp6dt - 1373 
    6w5d ultrasound showed one perfect baby with a beautiful heartbeat of 134bpm!

    Snowflake baby is a girl! 
    Our beautiful Snowflake girl arrived on July 22, 2014! 
    My embryo adoption blog: Wishing on a Snowflake
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  • Congratulations!
    Miscarriage in January 2012 at 8 weeks
    Subsequently diagnosed with low P4, LOR. MH DX low motility, varicocele 
    BFP in July 2012 (Gonal-f + trigger + IUI#2 (B2B) + prometrium)
    Lost Baby A prior to 7 weeks; large SCH; Baby B (Bug) was born in March 2013
    BFP June 2014; EDD February 19, 2015
  • congrats!
    ?TTC#1 since 04/11?CP 03/28/12?Me:Polycystic Ovaries&Endo??Him:MFI- Awaiting 2nd SA?
  • Congrats! Smile
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    Lots of love, hugs, and luck to my IRL KU(!!) BFPB Bunny and all the Golden Girls!
  • congrats
    TTC since June 2011
    SA - Normal CD3 Bloodwork - Normal HSG- All clear!
    July 2012 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+TI = BFN
    August 2012 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    September 2012 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    October 4th LAP - Mild Endo - All Removed
    Treatment Break 3 cycles = BFN
    1st Treatment Cycle Post Lap --
    February 2013 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    March 2013 50mg Clomid CD3-7 Trigger+IUI = BFN
    April 2013 Break Cycle ~~~ May 2013 Meet with RE discuss next steps
    July 2013 IVF ~ Stims start 6/28
ER 7/10 20R/14M/14F
    Day 3 - 10 Embryos
    ET 7/15 Transferred 1 Blast on day 5 - Froze 6
    7/24 Beta 1 150 7/26 Beta 2 313 7/30 Beta 3 1,084 Beta 4 3,000 Beta 5 8,120 1st U/S 8/8 image
  • Congrats!
    After 15 cycles and 3 rounds of clomid (50mg) we got our BFP.


    Lots of luck to my Golden Girls
  • Congrats!!


    DS - Born 6/17/12 

    DS#2 - Due 2/11/15

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  • congrats!
    Born 27wks 3 day 2 lbs 10 oz 15 inches image My BFP chart BabyName Ticker
  • congrats! what a fun surprise for him to come home to!
    BFP#1 10/15/2011! EDD 6/25/2012. natural m/c 10/28/2011. 5wks, 3d. BFP#2 2/27/2012! EDD 11/12/2012. d&c 4/10/12. 9 weeks. Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • Congrats! Best wishes!
  • Congratulations!
    Double the love
    photo Eastercollage_zps0735f04a.jpg
    7/30/12 - B/G twins born at 33w4d due to PPROM
  • Congratulations!!
    Met: 1/21/2005
    Married: 6/27/2008
    DS: 3/14/2010 Planned, PG first try
    M/C 6/2012
    DD: 4/22/2013 Planned, UnDx Infertility, PG on our own
    BFP: 10/28/2016 Unplanned, HUGE SURPRISE! 
    M/C 12/12/2016
    BFP: 10/27/2017 Unplanned, HUGE SURPRISE
    EDD: 7/2/2018

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  • Congrats!
    BabyFruit Ticker

    TTC 2.0
    Surprise BFP! Beta#1:37 Beta#2: 97

    TTC 1.0
    IUI #1=BFN
    IUI #2=BFP! Beta#1:87 Beta #2:1050
    ~It's a GIRL!~
    Lily born 10/30/12

    image Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    "Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength."
  • Congrats!
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  • Congrats!

    He's my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleeping.

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