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Joining you ladies! Couple questions...

Introducing myself! Congrats to everyone! Just got a faint but definite positive tonight after having a "feeling" that I was pregnant all week despite 2 BFN's in the past 5 days!!  I'm going to test again in the AM with more concentrated urine - hoping for the BFP!  Still in shock and a little scared since it is so early.

I'm very new to the idea and experience of pregnancy. I am the first one out of my friends and my generation of family to be pregnant - not sure what to expect!

 I'm calling my OBGYN tomorrow morning to set up an appointment. But for now, a couple questions I'm hoping you ladies can help me with!

*What prenatal did your doc recommend? I've been taking one-a-day prenatal +DHA leading up to the pregnancy but I've read a lot about synthetic vs. whole-food/natural vitamins, script vs. over-the-counter, etc - I'm overwhelmed!

*Any good baby books I should get my hands on? I know most info I'll ever need is online but like I said, this is all so new so a good book wouldn't hurt!

Look forward to hopefully getting to know all of you who are in the same boat! =)

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Re: Joining you ladies! Couple questions...

  • My husband and I have been reading a book called "Fathers Milk" to each other. its really good. Its less about pregnancy, more about dealing with issues once you actually HAVE the baby. Its written by a doctor with...4 kids I think. We both really like it. 

    I'm not pregnant yet, so as far as pregnancy books, I can't help you based on experience, but I've heard the girlfriends guide to pregnancy is good.

    Be sure to check out LIBRARIES! baby books can be so expensive!  

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  • Vitamins: I take 2 flintstone complete chewables (must be complete, and must take 2 to get enought folic).

    Books: check with your insurance co first, a lot have some sort of pregnancy program (free) and if you sign up you get a book. I got what to expect when you're expecting, through my friends ins, she got the mayo clinic pregnancy book.


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  • Congrats!

    I am also taking the One A Day. My doc said I can take anything as long as it has enough folic acid.

    My favorite book is Your Pregnancy: Week by Week. Unfortunately, I loaned it to someone and can't remember who...so now I don't have it. :(

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  • With my last pregnancy I took Prenate with DHA but that is no longer available.  I have samples from my OB of a couple different kinds of vitamins to see which ones I like best.  I would suggest this b/c your body may react differently to certain vitamins so before you buy a whole bottle, try them out. 

    Books - last time I probably bought every book imaginable.   My favorite was the pregnancy week-by-week one.  All books I basically skimmed to chapters I was more interested in/experiencing at the time.  Honestly I learned more from the bump and my childbirth class than any book.  I just bought some breastfeeding books off diapers.com b/c I had a lot of issues breastfeeding last time.  Again, the breastfeeding board on the bump is awesome for help to if you are going that route. 

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  • I take Nature Made Prenatal + DHA and my ob said it's great. 

    Obviously "What to Expect When You're Expecting" is a popular read. And as an anxious person, my biggest piece of advice is to not Google yourself to death. I had some brown blood clots a few weeks ago, freaked out and was totally hysterical, went to the ER, ultrasound showed an empty sac at 6 weeks and I spent the next 3 days googleing everything that could possibly go wrong with a pregnancy. I drove myself crazy!

    A week later we heard 2 healthy heartbeats and found out my twins were making room! lol.

    so, if you have a question, look in a book, or on here, try to avoid the general internet for information....it's scary.


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  • Thank you all so much!! I appreciate the advice :)   I'm glad (Mars) you pointed out the google thing, because I have already been driving myself kind of crazy googling things as soon as I felt like I might be pregnant and it seems there are such a wide variety of opinions out there, it can be really scary..

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  • Take deep breaths Big Smile   Congrats! H&H 9mos!

    I have taken Spring Valley Prenatals since pre-conception for my pregnancies.

    While I've read several books during my prenancy with DD, What To Expect When Your Expecting has been the most helpful for information (I highlighted everything I thought important with DD so now I have easier access this time) although if you want something more casual Belly Laughs is hilarious. I agree with PP, try the library first so you can read several books before deciding which one(s) to buy.


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