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Pregnant after a Loss

Dates off? Possible MC in the works?

Hey everyone out there.  I'm new to the bump, but I absolutely love the sight.  I have had 4 miscarriages (most recent in January) and am now pregnant for the 5th time!!! :D

I went for a viability scan today and I am measuring at 4 wks 4 days, however I believe my LMP was in July.  We weren't ready to try again so I wasn't paying too much attention to my cycle.  So, they ordered a progesterone level and want me to come back in for another scan in about a week to look for growth.  I just can't help but worry.



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Re: Dates off? Possible MC in the works?

  • Well that happened to me twice. The first time, ended in miscarriage a few weeks after the initial ultrasound and the second one ended in DS2.

    There is so much variation in early pregnancy. Not all babies develop at the same rate, and not everything is always visible via ultrasound that early. There are so many factors at play that it really can go either way but hopefully you will have a positive outcome. 

    GL and keep us posted. I know how hard it is to be in limbo. So very nerve-wracking. 




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  • I'm confused by you saying you think your last LMP was in July. Have you had any bleeding since July? Have they ordered HCG levels for you? I hope you have a positive outcome. GL.
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  • Welcome and GL! T&Ps to you.
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  • It could be a miscarriage.....I had slowed fetal growth too....but hopefully not. I HATE it that they cant really tell until something goes wrong. I hope this baby works out- prayers to you and baby right now!
  • absolutely no first visit was yesterday and all they did was u/s progesterone levels and urine test
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  • I don't have advice. Just wanted to wish you good luck next week!
  • First - Congrats and Welcome! 

    Just remember that every pregnancy is different. I know you are in limbo right now but I'm hoping for a good appt for you. *huge*


  • Well first welcome and congrats.  I hope this is your sticky baby!!

    Hope you get good news at the appt!! Good luck!

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