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Mr.'s ex does it again

I seriously might explode.  Today is SS 13th birthday.  Mr. flew to NC last night to spend the weekend with him.  Ex knew this.  He asked and got her approval before purchasing his flight.  It was agreed that SS would go to school today, and Mr. would pick him up from school, and have him until Monday morning.

Come to find out, SS did not go to school today.  HIs mother decided to keep him home so she could spend the day with him.  When Mr. asked him what they did, SS said they didn't do anything this morning, because his mom slept in, but then she took him to a movie at 1pm.

Seriously?  His father only gets to see him 4ish times a year, and you keep him home while you sleep in?  I am fvcking floored.

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Re: Mr.'s ex does it again

  • i seriously did the double blink reading that. I just don't get some women. I just don't.
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  • What a freaking wench!
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  • seriously? what the heck.

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  • I get annoyed with moms who limit these dads that WANT to see their children! My mom told me HORRIBLE things about my dad when they divorced (I was 9) so I wouldn't want to be around him.  He fought for me for years and then gave up.  I didn't know any better. I have forgiven both sides, but sometimes I want to smack my mom when he says stuff like "your dad, ugh, he's such a horrible person" and "I'm sorry he wasn't there for you." Seriously? 

    I'm sorry Bev.  She's not a real woman.  Your poor DH.

  • I feel your pain.

    DH's ex called him once on a Sunday morning, around 11 & wanted to pick SD up at noon. Why? Because she "doesn't get to see her" (you know, except for the 12 days at a time that she has custody). Maybe if she didn't dump SD off at her mom's house, she'd get to spend time with her.

    I hate ex-wives. 

  • She sounds like a real peach. Did your H say something to her about it?
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  • Wow. And with everything I know that you've told me offboard, I'm not really surprised.
  • I often wonder when parents are going to realize they are only hurting the child and not the other parent. I don't get the parents who want the kid to themselves then cry they are single parents.  You are choosing to be that way.  There is a parent willing to be apart of the child's life, let them.  

    Sorry you guys have to deal with this. Hope Mr. an SS have a great weekend together.  

  • imageMrs.Rotty:
    i seriously did the double blink reading that. I just don't get some women. I just don't.

    Sounds like she knows my neice's mother.  Last year I didn't get to see my niece from September-December because my brother was sleeping while she was awake (At 5years old) and she was hungry....thus my brother was neglecting her.  I missed precious months even though I had NOTHING to do with anything.  I hate her. She's crazy.

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